Igniting Nina

Nina England is a typical teenager...well not so typical. She knew from the minute that she was born how different she was from others, but she just never knew how she was different, or, most importantly, WHAT made her different. And when she meets Niall Horan for the first time, she discovers magical secrets about herself, family, and friends. But this is no fairy tale...


14. Chapter 13

"Daisy!!!", Nina exclaimed.

Daisy laid behind the bush unconscious with a bottle of vintage vodka grasped half way between her hands. The powdery white substance laid beside her half empty, and she seemed to not notice the two standing in front of her looking with shocked faces. 

Nina quickly bent down to remove the bottle and checked to see if her best friend still remained conscious, while Niall, noticing the powdery white substance, swiftly put it in his pocket before Nina could notice. 

Starring at the substance, Niall seemed to forget everyone aground him.

Now why the hell would she have this? And in public? I mean how inconsiderate could you be to your own borne?

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Daisy's movements on the ground, and he found that his first impulse was to yell at the Fireborne and call her out on her careless behavior

The way she did to him...

However, he decided against it, and also came to the conclusion that it would be best to talk to Daisy in private at a later time. 

"What am I doing here?", Daisy asked laying on the ground in confusion. 

"I don't know, what are you doing here?", Niall asked with a hint of anger in his tone. He tried to hide his emotion.

What if some human were to catch Daisy with that ghastly drug and discover its power? Then, our entire nation could fall into ruins at hands of secret discovery. And for what? Because some silly girl wanted to rebel and break the rules? 

This is exactly why I don't deal with any females in this terrible nation

They are all the same...

"Niall, what is your problem? Why are you angry with her?", Nina glared 

"I, well I uhm don't know", he stuttered scratching his head in guilt. He had almost forgotten that Nina was there. 

"Well you need to stop", she huffed. 

Cute or not, friendships are forever, and I'm not gonna let some boy that I just met come between my best friend and I

Returning her attention back to the teen lying helplessly on the cool ground, she ignored Niall's apologetic stare. Lifting Daisy's upper waist with all her strength, considering that her friend was too intoxicated to support herself, she pulled her into a hug and softly caressed the blonde streaks flowing slightly in the wind and down to the upper mid section of her back.

"Daisy, I need you to try to remember why you are here", she cooed. "Do you have any idea? Any idea at all?" 

The laughter that escaped Daisy's mouth sent chills down Nina's back. Even Niall seemed to feel a bit uneasy, for these weren't tears of joy. These were tears of uttering pain. 

"Mike...he did this", she said with blood shot eyes. Nina looked into her best friends eyes and noticed the blood shot darkening rings around them, eximplying exhaustion. 

"What do you mean your Mike did this? What are you talking about Daisy?" 

She then silenced her questioning when she realized who Mike was. 

Daisy's dad 

"God damn, are you deaf Nina? He did this, and he won okay?", she slurred

"Daisy, what did your Dad do? Talk to me please?", Nina pleaded. 

Daisy paused for a moment and looked down at the ground she was sitting on as if to gather her thoughts. 

"Well...I...I stepped on the glass thingy on the stairs. And it make my foot bleed", she giggled. 

"Oh, Daisy", Nina sighed while still caressing her best friend's hair. "What did you step on honey?"

"Damn your deaf Nina. Now, I'm saying this twice", she said holding two wobbly fingers. Stop making me speak long sentences. Now, I said I stepped on the glass thingy okay?"

"Daisy, point to me where you stepped on the glassy thingy", Nina pleaded. 

"Fine Mom...", Daisy grumbled pointed to her left heel. "See, here's where the owie is", she frowned again while wincing to remove her heel. 

Nina, horrified, didn't know why it had taken her so long to notice the foot over taken with a coat of heavy dried blood and multiple deep wounded opened cuts showing black oozing liquid. Niall took a step back as the color instantly drained from his paled face.

"DAISY, WHAT HAPPENED?!!", Nina exclaimed not realizing she was yelling. 

"Stop, yelling", Daisy slurred while bringing her hands to her head. "I said I stepped on the glass thingy, and it made my foot go owie" 

"Daisy, what happened after you stepped on the glassy thingy?", Nina asked trying to keep the hint of frustration growing in her tone. She knew how to handle Daisy in this state, and all it took was a matter of patience. 

Daisy looked at Nina, trying to gather her memory once more. 

"Uhm, well, after I stepped on the glassy thingy, I made the TV go boom. And I don't think Mike liked that and..."

"Hold on Daisy...what do you mean you made the TV go boom?"

Daisy began to gesticulate with her hands, trying her best to mimic the explosion of the TV that took place in her living room the night before. 

"It went boom! Just like that Nina. You should've seen it"

"Wait, so the TV just exploded?"

"Yes, that's what I just said, didn't I?"

Ignoring her best friends's rude remarks, Nina decided to dab in the topic a bit further.

"Daisy, wha..what? I don't follow. How did the TV just explode?That's not humanly possible after all" 

Drunk or not, she needs to be aware of the simple fact that what she's saying just isn't making any sense right now. 

"Yes it is Nina. I just make flame with my hands and..."

"Uhm, Nina", Niall nervously interrupted. "I think that we should..."

"Hold on Niall", Nina replied keeping her eyes focused on Daisy. "What do you mean you made a flame with your hands?"

"It's easy. I just..."

"I really think we should get her to a hospital!", Niall quickly yelled. Nina and Daisy both stopped their conversation looking up at him with confusion, while Daisy held her head with both of her hands, as her head tried to ignore Niall's exclamation. 

"What?", Nina questioned. 

"I said uhm we should take her to the hospital. It looks like she hurt her foot pretty bad, so we should go get it checked out ya know?", he said nervously scratching his head. 

"Niall", Daisy smiled with a large grin. Nina and Niall could smell the strong aroma of vodka crawl from the depths of her throat and fill the small atmosphere. "I've missed you so much...I've missed you brother" 

Daisy attempted to stand up, but collapsed to the cool ground as soon as she tried to use her left foot as leading support. 

"Ow, this is what I get for trying to hug my brother", Daisy pouted sticking her bottom lip out in frustration. 

"Come on Niall, let's help her", Nina said to the blonde as he walked to her side. 

Niall, looking at Daisy a moment, thought to himself, while blocking out all of his current surroundings. 

I can't believe Daisy almost opened her mouth. Nina's such a good friend to her, she shouldn't have to lift a finger. She really shouldn't. I should handle this. 

"It's okay Nina, I got it", Niall said. He then picked up Daisy from the ground, bridal style, looking as if it was no struggle whatsoever. 

"Ahh", Daisy gasped with a smile. "My hero", she said giggling. 

Nina tried to ignore the pit of jealousy arising in her stomach at the sight of Niall comforting yet another one of her friends. 

Damn it, first Andrea, now Daisy. Wait...why is this bothering me so much? 

"Nina?", Niall asked, interrupting her in thought


"I said, where should we go from here?" 

"Oh, uhm follow me this way", she said as they made their way back to the door step. 

"Wait", Daisy said mid step into their walk. 

"What is it Daisy?", Nina asked

"Don't forget to grab the picture of the Daddy and the pretty little girl"

"Wait, isn't that your picture Daisy? Isn't that a picture of you and your Father", Niall asked walking to the branch and pulling the photo from its tangles. 

"No", Daisy said shaking her head furiously. "I no have a Daddy any more. I have a Mike. And even sometimes, I don't have him" 

The wind whispered around the three as they made their journey towards the bus stop. The only sound that could be heard were the foot steps of the two people to find the teen passed out behind the bush, and the faint sound of Daisy snoring with the steady beat of their foot steps.

"I'm sorry that you had to see this", Nina said not meeting contact with Niall, obviously too embarrassed to do so. 

"It's fine, really", Niall eased. 

"No, I mean I...I don't know. I just thought, for sure, that she would quit this time"


"Yeah, the drinking", Nina said sadly.

"Wait, do you mean to tell me that she's done this before?", Niall asked. 

Nina, not sure if she felt comfortable telling this boy she just met yesterday all of her friend's business, found the explanation spilling from her mouth before she could think twice of rather or not to 

"Yeah, for a long time now. I was starting to grow proud of her, because the last time this happened was like a year ago, but now she's done it again. Ugh, she promised me she'd stop this"

"Don't you think you should have her talk to someone? Consoling perhaps?" 

"I've tried, but she refuses to talk to anyone about this. The only people who knows she behaves this was are me, Andrea, Dr. Powell, and now you, so please don't say anything to anyone around school. We don't need people knowing about this" 

" I won't, I promise. Wait, Dr. Powell? Whose that?" 

"Well, that's the Doctor were about to see now" 

It didn't take too long for the bus to pull up to the stop, and for teens to arrive there. Soon as they stepped on the bus, the male driver couldn't help but to gasp at the scene before him. 

"What the hell?", he asked taking note of the passed out girl hanging limb in Niall's arms. 

"Oh, it's okay, she's just sleeping", Niall smiled.

"Whatever", he mumbled as Nina took her seat, and Niall sat Daisy up in the seat between them, sitting beside her, and sighing with relief. 

"I hope she wasn't too heavy", Nina half giggled, finding some amusement in Daisy's deep sleep. 

Niall smiled before answering her. 

God she has such a beautiful smile 

"Nah, it's fine. She wasn't a bother" 

After a moment of silence, Niall decided to speak. 

"Why do you uhm, think she does this?"

Nina sighed before answering. Now that Niall sees this, it's no point in hiding it from him. 

"Well, you see, she doesn't know how to deal with her sadness, so drinking serves as an outlet..." 

Nina was interrupted by the soft groans of Daisy. Fluttering her eyes open, she sleepily looked around her surroundings before her eyes landed on Niall. 

"My brother", she said smiling towards him. "How did we get here?"

Oh, thought Nina. She's still drunk. 

"Daisy", Niall began. "This is your picture, correct?"

Niall placed the picture on Daisy's lap. Her right hand trembled as she slowly held the picture up to her face. Water began to slowly emerge in the pupil of Daisy's hazel broken eyes, carefully streaking down the side of her cheeks. 

"Daddy?", she said looking up at Niall then at Nina. "I wish I had a Daddy, Daisy has a Daddy, look", she said pointing at the photo for the two to see. 

Nina felt her heart began to ache as she rubbed Daisy's back. 


"Why can't I have a Daddy too Nina? Why?", she asked burying her head in her hands. "I don't want a Mike, I want a Daddy"

"Daisy", Nina began again. "That girl in the photo is you honey" 

"No", Daisy replied slowly shaking her head. "That girl in the photo is a different Daisy" 

"That girl is Daisy, and you are Daisy", Niall said trying to assure her. 

"But...I don't know who I am anymore brother" she shakily whispered. 

They sat in silence the rest of the bus ride with Daisy leaning on Nina's shoulder. About 10 minutes later, Nina pulled the bus stop line, and stood up with Niall carrying a quite Daisy behind her. After they stepped off the bus, they pulled up to what seemed to be a small sized hospital labeled Hope. 

No state, no city, no brand name by the title of the tiny place. 

Just a simple hospital labeled Hope. 

"Don't worry Daisy", Nina said as they walked in the hospital. "These people are gonna take care of you" 

They made their way from the outside and walked towards the entrance of the don't lit hospital. Walking in the front door, Nina approached the front desk and Niall stood behind, still holding a helpless Daisy. 

"Hi", she smiled weakly at the stale faced woman sitting behind the desk chewing gum wearing a name tag that said Diana in horrid expo marker. 

"Can I help you?" 

"Yea, uhm can here to see Dr. Powell" 


"My friend here has injured her foot. We just want to see if he's..." 

"Sorry , but you gotta schedule an appointment. Hospital policy" 

"But her foot is bleeding really bad and..."

"That's not my problem. Now your gonna have to schedule an appointment, or I'm gonna have to ask you to leav..."

"Diana, are you giving these kids a hard time?", a friendly face asked walking towards us. He wore a white lab coat and looked about in his mid fifties. He also looked a bit balled, or looked as if he were recently losing hair. A grayish beard and glasses covered his face along with a wide smile once he saw who it was he was approaching. 

"No sir, I was just searing this young lady that she needed an appointment to see you" 

"Oh, nonsense. And I happen to know this young lady very well. Nina, always a pleasure", smiled Dr. Powell. 

"Hi Dr. Powell", Nina said while shooting Diana a look as if to say I told ya so. 

"What can I do for you?", he asked. 

"Well, it's Daisy..", she nodded to a zoned out Daisy looking about the place Niall's arms. 

"Again?", he asked as his expression changed from friendly to concerning. 

"Yea, again" 

"Here she is", said Niall walking forth with Daisy in his arms. "She's also has an injured foot" 

"Ah, I see. Can I get a stretcher?", Dr. Powell asked to a nurser walking past. 

Within minutes, a stretcher stood in front of the less than semi crowd. 

"I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch your name son"

"Niall Horan, sir", said Niall extending his hand for Dr. Powell to shake. 

"Nice to meet you Niall. Do you mind setting her down in this stretcher?" 

"Sure", he said laying her down. 

"Hi", said Daisy to Dr. Powell. 

"Hi Daisy", he replied trying to smile. 

"Are you my Daddy?", asked Daisy. 

"No, child", he replied with a saddening expression. 

"Well", said Dr. Powell, trying to hide his saddening expression behind an attempt at a smile. 

An attempt...

"I'm gonna go take care of her you two. Thank you for bringing her to me"

He then pushed the stretcher down the hall to an unused surgical room. 

"Oh", she said as the statues of Niall and Nina becoming vague images of faint memory.

The Doctor was surprised as he felt the small texture of a hand pull his into hers. 

"Can you be...please? I don't have a Daddy", she sniffled. 

"It's okay child", he said trying to hide his own tears attempting to emerge. "You'll be alright" 

"Should we wait here?", Niall asked Nina. 

"Yea, sure", she replied, and they took a seat in the waiting room. 

"Do you think she'll be alright?", Niall asked after what seemed the 100th moment of silence today. 

"Yea...", Nina hesitated a bit. "I think she'll be fine". 

Without another word, the two quickly fell asleep, and Niall, who slowly woke not too long afterwards, looked at the clock above the overhead. They were at the hospital for an hour and still no word from Dr. Powell. 

"Did you get those files for Erika Villanueva?", Diana asked the nurse. 

"Yeah, right here" 

Wait, Niall thought. Why does that name sound so familiar? 

"Y'all figure out what was wrong with her yet?"

"Nah, but the whole thing is pretty damn weird, I'll tell you that. I haven't seen anything like it. I'm gonna go check on her again" 

They can't be talking who I think their talking about. Please tell me this is some sort of sick joke? 

Standing up, careful not to awake Nina , Niall quietly followed the nurse down the hall to a room number, waiting by the door unnoticed for what seemed an eternity until the nurse came out. Opening the door, he quietly stepped into the large room closing behind her a moment after he left. The scene before her looked highly unreal. And the only thing that Niall could think, the only thing Niall could hold, was pity. 

Max...you fucking bastard 

The words tumbled from his mouth, and dropped to the floor, but it was too late for him to pick them up. 

"Erika...is...is..that you?", he whispered quietly.

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