Igniting Nina

Nina England is a typical teenager...well not so typical. She knew from the minute that she was born how different she was from others, but she just never knew how she was different, or, most importantly, WHAT made her different. And when she meets Niall Horan for the first time, she discovers magical secrets about herself, family, and friends. But this is no fairy tale...


13. Chapter 12

Nina couldn't believe the encounter that she experienced with Niall last night.

The way he looked at me

The way he sung to me...it was so magical.


Walking down the steps to gather her book bag from the door, she suddenly felt the urge to take her thoughts back.

I seriously can't be crushing on a guy that I don't know right? I mean like he wouldn't even kiss me. Not that I expected him to, I mean it's not like he's my boyfriend, but it was just one kiss for crying out loud. That's all he had to do...that's all I wanted him to do...

Wait, what the hell am I saying? Ugh, get a hold of yourself Nina!

Sighing the sigh of a thousand thoughts, she grabbed her book bag and dragged her feet to the kitchen to pour herself a glass full of iced cold water, letting the silence soothe her many thoughts.

"Ooooohhh Nina", abruptly chimed Jamie England swaying towards the kitchen with a bouquet of gorgeous flowers.

Knocking her cup over in surprised presence, she screeched, and looked at her Mom in horror.

"God Mom, you scared the heck outta me". Then, her eyes wandered to the lovely sight of the flowers gripped with care in her Mother's hand.

"What up with the flowers?"

"Not for me darling, for you?", she grinned

"What? You brought me flowers?"

Jamie handed Nina the flowers and pointed towards the note taped to the plastic shielding the flowers.

"I think this note should explain everything", Jamie smiled before walking towards the fridge.

Detaching the note, Nina began to read

Hey Nina. I'm really sorry about what happened on the bus the other day. Max is a...well I don't like to curse often, but I cannot hesitate to says he's a dick. Him and I have a long history, which I rather not get into, or get you involved in. Me not kissing you, we'll I mean just one kiss not kissing, has nothing to do with you; in fact, your one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen in my life. I just have my personal reasons for why I do most of the things I do. If you get to know me, which I surely hope you do, then you will realize that. I know they may not mean much, but I hope these flowers persuade your forgiveness.

With Care,

Niall Horan

Nina's mouth gasped open, and she felt get heart begin to quickly beat against her chest and what seemed like the end of time. Her cheeks turned a cold flush of blue as she set the flowers on the table.

I do forgive you Niall. I really really do. I mean last night I knew I forgave you...but now I know more than ever.

"Whose Niall?", her mom asked, while stuffing a fork full of cake in her mouth and grinning at the same time.

Nina attempted to hide her face as she turned around and bit her bottom lip in excitement before turning back around to answer her Mother's question.

Get it together Nina

"Oh, he's just some guy", Nina said fiddling around with the note on the table and failing to attempt to keep away the smile slowly building on her face.

Suddenly, the door bell rang interrupting their conversation. Already seeing the blonde male figure waiting patiently by the door through the side glass, Nina felt her heart leap yet again, and she couldn't help but to expose the huge smile that captured her face.

"Just some guy huh?", Jamie smirked while noticing Nina's grin and walking towards the door. "Well, why don't I see the lucky fellow for myself".

Opening the door, Jamie lifted her gaze from the floor as her eyes met Nialls. it didn't take long for her skin to turn an obscure shade of pale blended with a mixture of Ice blue Her eyes looked fearful, and she felt her body weakening.

Slowly slowly weakening.

The world began to spin, and she felt her worst fear come to life.

Slightly closing the door behind her, she took a step away from the door frame. She instantly recognized who Niall was.

Maybe that was how Jamie's life changed from that day forward.

"Wh...what are you doing here?"

"Well I..."

"Wait, your Niall Horan?", she gasped remembering the name from Nina's note. "As in the Niall Horan from the proph..."

"Shh, please Mrs. England, I do not wish for my enemies to know my whereabouts, but yes, it is me", Niall stated awkwardly while scratching his head.

"What do you want with my daughter? Why are you at my house?!", she cried

"Well, I just came to see if Nina wanted to take the bus together for school..."

"No", she shook her head furiously. "This has something to do with your father, I can feel it.."

"What is the hold up?", Nina tapped her foot while staring at

her Mother and Niall.

"Hi, Nina", Niall leaned forward. "I just uhm...wanted to see if you wanted to take the bus together?"

"Sure", Nina chimed. "Let me just grab my keys"

After Nina left, Niall whispered in continuation to Jamie.

"Mrs.England, this has nothing to do with your father, and I have no attentions in hurting your daughter"

"Then if you know what's best, you'll stay away...", she coldly warned in a low retaliation.

"Uhm Mom, can you open the door? I need to get past?", Nina asked.

"Sure um okay. Are you sure you...um..you don't need a ride honey?"

"Yea, I don't mind taking the bus with Niall", she smiled at Niall who returned a warm smile back.

"I um okay"

There's nothing I can do to stop her. Without telling her who she is and certainly what he is. She is my daughter, what am I going to do

What am I going to do?

"Ready to go Nina?", he asked

"Yea", she said walking past him as he followed.

It wasn't until the left the front porch of the house when Jamie decided to finally speak up.

"Niall, mind if I speak to you for a minute"

Niall shot Nina a look to say that he would be right back, and Nina nodded to him to assure him that it was okay and she would wait for him there. Finally, Niall made it back to the stoop on the porch where Jamie stood with a smile plastered on her face.

But a Mother's smile of sin can only be shown for show...

It was the words that she clenched through her smile that sent chills through Niall's body as she clarified her motive in his ear.

"Listen, and you listen good. We are a peaceful family in this house, and we have left that life in the past for well over a decade now. We have nothing against your family or any of the Fireborne nation. However, that does not mean my husband and I will not take action upon you if we have to. My daughter is not aware of whom she is and what she is capable of. You are to not tell her, or you will be sorry. You are to not hurt my daughter, or so God help me, you will be sorry. And you can send that message to your cold wrenching Father as well, for we will not serve in the hands of becoming yet another victim of the Horan empire"

She slammed the door leaving Niall alone in the drive way.

She hates me. All I have to blame is who I am and what my family history is. This is why I hate my life...

"Niall, come on, we're gonna be late", Nina shouted.

He nodded and jogged to her side before they continued their walk.


"What was all that about?", Nina asked

Besides the fact that your Mother wants nothing more than to see me and my family suffer in the hands of her wrath, nothing I suppose

"Oh, nothing. She just asked me about if I was new to this neighborhood and new to the school. She's a very nice woman", he silently gulped.

"Ha, yeah okay. You don't have to live with her. She's not nice allllll the time"

Trust me , Niall thought. I believe you

After a couple of minutes of walking, Nina decided to break the silence.

"Thanks for the uhm flowers Niall. I really appreciate it, and I'm sorry if I made you feel like you were obligated to kiss me"

"No need to thank me or apologize", Niall smiled. "Like I said, I had my reasons, your physical appearance not being one of them", he winked.

Nina felt her stomach warm with comfort as she thought about how Niall claimed her to be one of the most beautiful girls he ever laid his eyes upon.

"Uhm, well yea thanks", Nina said trying to hide her smile as the bus pulled up to their stop, causing them to run towards the bus before it pulled from its stop.

After paying their fare, Niall stepped aside so Nina could step into the seat aisle first with him following along. They both say and stared straight ahead.

Memories of yesterday's bus incident seemed to fill both of their heads as they cringed at the thought of Max's taunting. They then both looked at each other and let out a small giggle, seeing that they were both clearly thinking of the same thing.

"Thank goodness he isn't on here", Nina said.

"Well, he doesn't take the bus all the time", Niall replied.

Nina felt the urge to ask Niall how he knew that, but thought better of it.

He did tell me that there were many things I didn't know about him, so I don't wanna push this whole him and Max thing.

For now that is...

The drive seemed a lot more peaceful and faster considering that it was lacking the drama that yesterday's events held. Niall and Nina made small talk about multiple things such as the weather, clothing, and even music. Before they knew it, they were at their stop.

"I see your a Rihanna fan from our little episode last night", he teased as they stepped off the bus and continued to walk.

Nina's cool blushed cheeks remembered the soft spoken sound of Niall's Scottish voice fill the cool moonlit air. Even imagining the sound made her melt at his mercy.

"Yea, you?"

"Nah, that's just the only song she made that was probably worth listening to"

"What, oh come on, no it wasn't. She makes plenty of good music!"

"Yea, and I think school is just sooo much fun"

They both laughed, and it seemed like they were actually enjoying their time together.

No, they were enjoying their time together.

I type this as the cool trees nearly whisper to me in whips of cruelty

All good things must come to an end they say...

On with our story...

When they passed the spot that Niall, Daisy, and Andrea stood at yesterday, claiming to look for Daisy's supposed lost puppy, Nina couldn't help but to feel a pinch of jealously as she remembered Niall's arms wrapped around Andrea; holding her for comfort.

I know he said their was a lot of things I don't know about him, but I have to ask him this.

"Niall...", Nina nervously began. "I...."

"Wait, do you hear something?", he asked.

The two stopped dead in their tracks as the heard the moans of a person, appeared to be the utters of plea from a girl, as they turned towards the bush that served as a sacred hiding space yesterday. The body was securely hidden, but the leg laid spewed from the bush. It twitched and all that was visibly seen was the picture of a young girl and her father caught between the branches of the bush blowing in the mocking wind amongst them.

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