Igniting Nina

Nina England is a typical teenager...well not so typical. She knew from the minute that she was born how different she was from others, but she just never knew how she was different, or, most importantly, WHAT made her different. And when she meets Niall Horan for the first time, she discovers magical secrets about herself, family, and friends. But this is no fairy tale...


11. Chapter 10

That very same night, another Fireborne was experiencing the difficulties and struggles of everyday life at home....

Daisy huffed a grunt of disappointment before opening the door to her house.

Throwing her book bag and heels against the door with a thunderous thump, she knew her family wouldn't mind the noise, even if it was only 11:00pm

"Who is that?", her father asked from the loud living room. Daisy could barley understand his question over the sound of Monday Night Football blaring throughout the large house.

"It's me Dad!" she replied shouting over the loud television.

"Oh", he simply said lowering the TV's volume, so Daisy could hear. "Lock the door will ya?"

"I already did", she muttered walking up the stairs to her room.

Suddenly Daisy's stepmother came fluttering down the stairs in excitement and determination to run to the TV before a commercial break. Almost knocking Daisy over, she quickly turned around and laughed at her own clumsiness.

"Sorry, Daisy. Hey, who's in the lead?"

"How am I suppose to kno..."

"Bears!", Mike shouted from the living room.

"Damm it!!", Patty exclaimed in anger.

"Patty, get in here! Your missing the whole fucking game!"

"Alright babe", she running into the living room to join her husband.

Daisy stood mid step starring at the empty space.

Unbelievable. Ever since that monster moved in here, my own damn Father doesn't even know I exist anymore.

Continuing her path up the stairs in mild disappointment , her foot stamped upon a cold bud light lingering upon one of the upper steps.

"SHIIITTTTT!!!!" , Daisy yelled clenching her teeth and grabbing her left foot. The beer slowly exuded down the steps of the house.

The shattered glass seemed to tease Daisy's bleeding foot. Starring at her injury in pain and fury; mocking her...seeming to laugh at her. Through all the noise bouncing from wall to the wall in the house, she could almost hear the glass letting out small snickers of pleasure. She noticed how the glass scattered everywhere on her left foot became planted in her skin and flesh from every angle. She winced in pain as she slowly pulled the large prices of glass out of her body. The tears rapidly escaped from her eyes, making her feel weak at the hands of suffering in her own agony. Her thoughts slowly taking over

Who leaves a damn beer bottle on an open stair case??

Cocking her head to the side and clucking her tongue, she carefully dug her nails into the palms and line prints of her white hands. The paleness that captured her bodily skin blended a mixture of frustration, sadness, and confusion; her fiery darkened red blood erupted from five small implanted moons in it's origin.

Making her way down the steps, she mad sure to uphold a more timely and purposeful stride with every limp and hop. The banister served as a system of support as she grasped the heavy brown aid, making sure to not fall or trip over with her one leg. Her foot became sticky as beer tickled down the creases of her toes.

Finally making it to the ground, and never releasing her grip from support, she carefully attempted to place her injured foot on the surface on the surface of the ground standing below her.

Gritting her teeth in excruciation, she slowly brought her foot down from it's ankle back bend position, making sure her toes gently touched the ground first.

Okay, so far so good...

The left over bits of glass still planted made her yelp in pain as she planted her entire foot on the ground. Tears falling more rapidly from her fallen pupils....

Drip by drip

Drop by drop


She hopped closer and closer to the blaring TV

Alright, so you guys want not listen to me huh? Well I'll give you a reason to listen.

Cause right now...I'm gonna make you suffer and know how it feels to lose something


Daisy smiled as she marveled at her very own misery. Limping further and further towards the two people who were suppose to care for her the most, but showed her more love.

And maybe that was what she needed...


Who the hell...

"THE PACKERS ARE TAKING IT HOME!!!!", the announcer shouted from the living room's

Leaves a damn bottle of beer...

Mike and Patty grabbed each other in excitement, jumping up and down in each other's arms. This was their moment.

On the fucking....



Before the TV could announce who became victorious for this national football game, the TV set before Mike and Patty engulfed in flames before their very eyes.


Their mouth's wide in terror as the flames spurred and electrical outlet of spark and fumes on the very TV stand. However, quickly, the burning flames were put out by a palmed hand embedded with moons of dried darkened blood.


Mike and Patty slowly turned towards the loveless teenage Fireborne as she uttered the very last word that her mind lacked to ponder upon

A a bright blazing flame lingering in her hazel eye full of hunger...

Full of vengeance...

And now that I've got you bastard's attention, your gonna listen to me...

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