Igniting Nina

Nina England is a typical teenager...well not so typical. She knew from the minute that she was born how different she was from others, but she just never knew how she was different, or, most importantly, WHAT made her different. And when she meets Niall Horan for the first time, she discovers magical secrets about herself, family, and friends. But this is no fairy tale...


2. Chapter 1

The first day of Junior year was gonna start off with a bang...or so Nina England thought. Maybe it was the fact that the summer heat was finally coming to a close. Nina really didn't like the summer heat at all, and school at least provided air conditioning.

"Nina", Daisy said as they took their seats in Physics. "The air in this classroom is seriously killing me" she said with a red face.

It was truly amazing how Daisy and Nina were best friends, but complete and total opposites. Nina loves and treasures the cold blistering winter, while Daisy couldn't get enough of the blazing hot summer. Nina loves ice and eats it constantly no matter how cold, and Daisy could eat any spice known to man kind. But no matter the differences, they still stood by each other's side.

And regardless of these two inseparable girls being best friends since the start of Kindergarden, their friendship had complications. The two never met each other's families and never went over each other's house. Nina always wondered why, because no matter how many times she asked, Daisy always had an excuse. Her family was either too busy to have company, or Daisy was too busy to entertain company. However, Nina never brought this subject up, because her parents always made an excuse for Daisy to never come to their house. It was really no use of throwing the situation in Daisy's face when Daisy could just as well do the same thing.

"Oh calm down Daisy", said Nina smiling. "It's extremely hot outside so you'll be fine"

No, I really won't Nina..I really won't, Daisy thought to herself.

Daisy could feel herself beginning to grow a bit weary, and class hadn't even started yet.

The two best friends waited for the third bestie of the pack to show up. And in the room came walking Andrea Torres.

The best thing about Andrea was the simple fact that she balanced out this strange group of two girls. And when it came down to Daisy and Nina unable to reach a final stable agreement, Andrea was there to serve as middle ground.

"Daisy, you don't look so hot" said Andrea with a smirk.

And Daisy gave Andrea a look, without Nina noticing, as if to say you know what's wrong with me.

"Alright class, take your seats", said Mr. Darwin. "We're about to start in one minute"

"I can't do this", Daisy mumbled to herself. "Can he please turn that God forsaken air off..."

"Daisy, it'll be okay. Just try to get through it", Nina replied compassionately .

"Easy for you to say, your heart is purely of Ice..." Daisy replied

Andrea then shot Daisy a daggering look with her pierce gray eyes, ordering Daisy to say nothing further of the matter.

"You know that can also be taken as an expression Andrea" Daisy said whispering to the steicken face

And Nina, not sure what her two best friends were going on about, decided to ignore the small bicker unraveling around her and focus on her class work.

"Okay class, an announcement too before we begin", began Mr.Darwin. "We have a new student who will be joining our school, and this is also his first day. Come in please Mr. Horan"

A very handsome blonde haired boy entered the room with a shy expression on his face, clearly not wanting an introduction by the clueless Physics teacher. Nina stared at him and cringed when she caught sight of his eye. His eye seemed to have a certain glow that rubbed her the wrong way. She quickly looked down and continued writing as the girls whispered amongst themselves, gushing in admiration.

"This is Niall, so please let's make sure we let him feel as apart of the class as you would want to if you were in his position. You can take your seat now sir", said Mr.Darwin motioning Niall to his chair.

Niall quickly walked to his seat, head still faced down, avoiding all faces as much as possible and sat behind the empty lab table standing in the back of Nina, Andrea, and Daisy.

Daisy looked back at him when Niall wasn't looking, and began to develop deep thoughts of curiosity in her brain.

"Ms. Zavala, if you could please keep your attention to the front of the class, then that would be wonderful", Mr. Darwin said with a smile.

"Yeah, sorry", Daisy said with her face growing a slightly red color which she tried to contain.

"Daisy..." Nina whispered. "Please don't tell me your interested in him"

"What? No. I was just thinking about something. Are you interested in him?"

Andrea shot Daisy another look of
concern, which was Daisy's cue, or course, to put an end to the conversation.

Thirty minutes into class, Daisy wasn't sure she could take anymore of this air conditioning. Raising her hand, and hating that she had to be rude, she interrupted Mr. Darwin in mid sentence.

"Mr. Darwin, can we please turn the air condition off" Daisy pleaded. "It is unbearably cold in here"

Nina then looked down at her desk with a frown. She really didn't want that air condition off. She couldn't describe it, but hot air made her want to vomit. And it just didn't seem natural for her...

"Well Daisy, we will be conducting an experiment watching the relationship between fire and velocity. I think that should heat things up a bit" concluded Mr. Darwin

An expression of relief filled Niall's face as he continued to copy down what seemed like a list of never ending mundane notes in his notebook.

Daisy was also greatly relieved, but she shouldn't help but feel sorry for Nina, whom greatly enjoyed the blistering cold atmosphere.

"Okay class, let's get started shall we. Gather your coats and glasses in the front"

And every student completed this instruction. And as Nina walked to her desk, she was tapped on the shoulder by Mr. Darwin

"Listen, I hate to break up the dream team back there, but would you be so kind as to work with Niall? I think Daisy will be fine working with Andrea"

What was she suppose to do? Say no? And as much as Nina preferred working with her friends, she didn't want to be selfish.

"Okay", said Nina simply as she walked to Niall's desk.

Taking her seat next to Niall, Nina noticed the blonde hair boy inching further and further away from her body. And Nina noticed herself doing the same...

"Alright class, let's get started. You have twenty minutes to complete this experiment, and your time starts....now", said Mr. Darwin

The two lab partners stood staring at the dangling magnetic ball, fire match, and lighter box on the table before them, listening to the talking and laughter of other students. At least two minutes passed before Nina decided to speak up.

"Hi, I'm Nina. I'm glad I get to work with you today Niall", she said with a semi smile.

"I'm glad I get to work with you as well Nina", he replied smiling

Nina tried to look up at this fluent Irish speaking gentlemen, but the minute she attempted to meet his gaze, she felt a slight weakness and quickly looked down.

Those blue eyes...she wish she could look at them, but she couldn't.

"Well, let's get started shall we", Nina stated.

Nina properly set all of the gatherings on the table in place ready to be tested. However, when it came to lighting the match, she refused. She just couldn't do it. And Niall sensed this...

"Nina, I can do this if you want", Niall offered.

"Thank you Niall", Nina said. And it surprisingly didn't hurt staring into his eyes this time.

"Can you go get me some tissue?" Niall asked

"Uhm sure", she replied leaving the lab table.

But why does he need tissue? Nina wondered as she walked away from her spot, leaving her lab partner

He then looked around scrutinizing the perimeter of the lab room to see if anyone could be watching him. And, with the snap of a finger under the lab desk, a small lit flame evolved dancing in the air on Niall's fingertips. He quickly placed the fire below the bottom of the metal fire ball on the circular silver flammable object. He then stood back with a smile.

Daisy, sensing a conjuring of some sort, instantly turned to face Niall with anger in her face. And Niall, meeting her gaze, stopped smiling at his accomplishment as he saw a lick of flame commence in Daisy's eye warning him to never commit that action again.

He then looked back down in embarrassment pretending to still be working on this task as Nina approached the desk. And as soon as she saw this torch, she slowly backed away from the desk, not daring to come any closer.

Beads of sweat began to form on Nina's head just standing inches away from the desk. She then approached Mr. Darwin, and told him she was not feeling too well, and if she could please be excused from the rest of class.

"Okay, Nina", it seems as though Niall knows what he's doing. Just come by to clean up before second period, and I will write you a pass"

Nina then thanked Mr. Darwin, gave Niall an apologetic look for leaving, and went to the office to wait until Physics was over.

Not too long after afterwards, Nina returned to the Physics class to clean up, which Mr. Darwin did make a rule to those who claimed to be sick and leave class early.

After getting irritated from picking up burned matches, and scratched lighter boxes, she finally got to Niall's table where she noticed an untouched match box and lighter.

"Mr. Darwin, did Niall borrow a match from Daisy and Andrea or something?", she asked

"I saw him working by himself the entire time...why?", he asked curiously

"No reason", Nina stated as Mr. Darwin exited the room leaving a wondering Nina to wonder one thing...

Then how did he start the fire?

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