How She Changed His Life

I havent told him. I was planning on it. I wanted to. But it was to late. Died of a car accident and know he's on his own. I jist hope he decides to keep her.


2. The Will

 "To my aunt Sheryl,  I entrust my dog, Peaches. To Harry Styles, I entrust our daughter,  Aerrioena. To My Mother Cas-" The lawyer reading the will was interrupted. 

"Wait,  What? I had a daughter that I had no idea about?" Asked Harry. A woman walked up to him and handed him a little girl. She had blonde hair, with bright green eyes. The hair, he thought, I remember her mother, but she, I wouldn't believe this claim if it weren't for her eyes. The lawyer looked at Him. He nodded his head and answered, "Continue." He was relieved when his name wasn't brought up again.

As soon as the reading was gone, he stoode up, and walked to his car. He didnt have a carseat for her, so he just decided to strap her in the back seat. He pulled up to an Asda, which is basically a walmart. Harry walked in and decided to buy her a car seat.  

"Aerrioena, do you like blue?" He asked, pointing to a stroller. She squeled then said,

"Yeth." And jumped as Harry took a box of the shelf. He brought it to the check out. 

"I still can't believe I have a daughter." He mummbled, as the car seat was being put up in his car. When he got home, he decided to show her to the guys, before anyone else.

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