How She Changed His Life

I havent told him. I was planning on it. I wanted to. But it was to late. Died of a car accident and know he's on his own. I jist hope he decides to keep her.


3. Reactions

"So," Zayn started,"You leave empty handed, then you come home with a toddler?" 

"Turns out, I have a four year old daughter I never knew about." Harry said.

"Wow" Zayn mouthed at Niall.

"How are you dealing with this?" Louis asked Harry. 

"Pretty good. It was a lot to handle, but I think we'll get along." Harry said, picking his daughter up.

"What's her name?" Liam asked.

"Aerrioena.  You can call her Arri for short." Harry answered.

"Hi Arri." Niall said, kneeling down.

"I." She said, waving. Arri stuck her thumb in her mouth and looked away. Harry set her down. Her first reaction was to go behind Harry's legs to hide from sight.

"Hey baby girl, it's okay. They're my friends." Harry said.

"This is louis." He said, pointing at Louis. 

"Oouis." She repeated. 







"Close enough." Niall said, smiling.

"So, what do you think about habing a baby in the group?" Harry asked.

"I for one, think it will be fun." Louis said.

"Okay, Mr. I-Think-It-Will-Be-Fun,  you gt to change the first diaper." Harry said, smiling. He handed Louis Arri.

"Arri is your child." Louis saif, handing her back.

"You got me there." Harry said.

"So, now we start our lives. You with your dad, and me with you." Harry said, changing her diaper.

"Dadda." She said, reaching for Harry.

"You know somethimg? I think my life changed for the best." He answered, hugging her.

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