How She Changed His Life

I havent told him. I was planning on it. I wanted to. But it was to late. Died of a car accident and know he's on his own. I jist hope he decides to keep her.


4. Pancakes

Harry put Arri down to sleep, then decided to go to sleep himself. The next morning, he woke up with Arri jumping on the bed. 

"Dadda! Dadda!" She said, shaking him. She climbed down onto the floor, then tried to pull Harry down. There was a loud THUD, then Harry was awake. Along with the rest of one direction. Louis rushed to Harry's room, to see Arri stanfing over Harry,  who was on the floor.

"How did you..." Louis started.

"Oouis, Dadda on foor." Arri said, pointing at Harry.

"I can see that." Louis siad, smiling.

"Awwi did it." She said, pointing at herself, smiling triumphantly. 

Harry stood up and looked from Arri to Louis. "Which one of you did that?" He said. 

"Don't look at me. Your little girl has some strength. " Louis answered.

"Awwi did it." She said, starting to pull Harry to the kitchen. 

"Awwi hungie." She said, after they got to kitchen. Niall walked into the room, and said, "Niall hungie too."

"You'll both get something to eat. Niall, go around and see who's hungry." Harry said, amd started to ask Arri what she wanted to eat.

"Ancakies. " she said.

"Ancakies... Pancakes?" Harry asked. Arri nodded.  Harry started to make pancakes.

"What's for brealfast, amyways?" Asked Niall, as he walked into the room.

"Pancakes." Harry replied.

"Nandos would be better." Niall said.

"For dinner, I'll take you to Nandos. Who knows. Maybe Arri will like Nandos." Harry said, flipping the pancakes.

"SCORE!" Niall said, walkimg out of the room. "Now I won't have to bother Liam."

"Who wants pancakes!?" Harry yelled.  Niall was the first in the room. 

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