How She Changed His Life

I havent told him. I was planning on it. I wanted to. But it was to late. Died of a car accident and know he's on his own. I jist hope he decides to keep her.


5. NANDOS!!!!!

"Going to Nandos! Going Nandos! Gues what everybody, im going to Nandos!" Niall sang, walking around the house.

"JUST GET IN THE CAR ALREADY!" Liam yelled, clearly annoyed.

"Sheesh, Mr. Meany-pants!" Niall said, walking to the car. Harry was already in there.

All three of them sat in the car, while Niall continued to sing his nando song. Arri tarted to sing random things. Until Harry put on a 1D song. 

"I've tried playing it cool.

But when I'm looking at you-ou,

I can't ever be brave.

Cuz you make my heart race!" Harry stopped the track, because Niall's song became to overwhelming. Pretty soon, all the inhabitants of the car were singing along,

(At Nandos)

"Okay, Arri, prepare for your taste'buds to be Nando-fied. " Niall said.

"Kay!" Arri said, smiling. Her blonde hair was clipped with a barret, but still waving around her shoulders. Harry a have an unexpected daughter, but at leat he won't have to go through it alone.

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