Draco and Me, A Muggle

Draco Malfoy got punished by Aunt Bellatrix for failing his task killing Dumbledore. The punishments? Turned into a cat and left stranded in the alleys of Brooklyn, almost got eaten by an old hungry lady, and finally - forced to live in the same house with a muggle. A non-magical girl muggle.

Meet Chloe - a girl with lots of financial problems, who absolutely freaked out when her grandma brought back a nasty talking cat for dinner. She never had time to believe in magic, and had never wanted to be involved in it. And sometimes, Malfoy's attitude just make her want to cook him.


6. The Princess and the Cat

Chloe's POV


Maybe it was just my extreme hunger.


Maybe it was just a hallucination.


Maybe this was all but just a dream.


"I demand both of you to tell me where I am!" The pale blond hair guy took the thin leather blanket my grandmother gave him to cover his body. Thick British accent was in his voice.


I sat there, frozen and clueless to how I was supposed to process in my brain all of what just happened.


So there was this cat and it talked. And then I - accidentally - kissed it and it turned human?

Where did I hear that story before?


"What's your name, boy?" My grandma was the first one to broke the ice. The slightest of shock doesn't seem to be appearing on her face at all.


The guy snorted.

"Don't you dare ask my name, you filthy muggle. In anytime soon, the Malfoys will come and you will truly know the meaning of fear!"


I looked at the cowering guy, imagining the naked body underneath that blanket of mine.


Wow, scary.


A lot had obviously happened in the last hour and my muscles were starting to feel the exhaustion and sore within them. I gulped down my tiny portion of oatmeal and started approaching the sink to wash the dishes.


"Oh yeah, by the way, what does 'muggle' even mean? You've been calling us that way for a while now." I asked. It was my first time actually talking to the strange - very strange - guy.


He stayed quiet for a while, clenching tight his teeth and fists, which was holding onto the blanket.


"None of your concern." Words finally escaped through the grit of his teeth.


He added on.

"Now tell me, and I may give you some mercy later on, where is this place?"


I put the last of the dishes onto the rusting drying rack and rolled my eyes. Were all British guys this dramatic?


"It's Brooklyn. New York. America! Jesus Christ, didn't you check your plane ticket before coming here?"


But then, almost immediately after I've said those words, I realize that the flight attendants wouldn't have given a cat permission to board the plane. Which brought us back to the real question.


"Why were you a cat?" I turned my whole body around, staring intently into his pale grey eyes. It was then I noticed how tired and worn out they looked. As if he had went through a battle all by himself. As if misery was all he knew of.


Draco's POV


Brooklyn? America?


Where am I?


"Why were you a cat?" The muggle girl suddenly asked. I was staring straight back into her bright blue eyes. It seemed to hold so much strength.


I looked away.


My body felt worse by every passing second, and I really did not want to know what was going on.


Could Aunt Bellatrix have really done it?


"You should prepare him a bath, Chloe." The old grandma suddenly said. Chloe - so that was her name - sighed in defeat and started rummaging around their old cupboards. She got out a bowl and a glass, filled it with oatmeal and water, and placed it on the small table in front of me.


"I'm sorry if it's not high class for you enough, but that costs me my new clothing for a few months." She said, a hint of annoyance in her voice. She then just left to another room, leaving me and the old grandma by ourselves.


I looked at the bowl and the glass of water.


Did she really expect me to touch that?



---------------------------Author's Note---------------------------------


So yeah, the update took forever. I'm so sorry and there is no way that I can make up to you guys for the wait. (cries) (wails) (bawls)


Oh and I changed Chloe's eyes into blue instead of grey. Just because. (thank you so much for reading asdfghjkl)



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