Draco and Me, A Muggle

Draco Malfoy got punished by Aunt Bellatrix for failing his task killing Dumbledore. The punishments? Turned into a cat and left stranded in the alleys of Brooklyn, almost got eaten by an old hungry lady, and finally - forced to live in the same house with a muggle. A non-magical girl muggle.

Meet Chloe - a girl with lots of financial problems, who absolutely freaked out when her grandma brought back a nasty talking cat for dinner. She never had time to believe in magic, and had never wanted to be involved in it. And sometimes, Malfoy's attitude just make her want to cook him.


4. The Muggle Alley

Draco Malfoy's POV (Point of View)



  My eyelids and body felt heavy and exhausted - it literally took me everything that I had to open my eyes and lifted my head up.



 The only thing I could remember seconds before everything went black was Aunt Bellatrix, who bloody cursed me.



  Aunt Bellatrix bloody cursed me.


  She bloody pointed her bloody wand at me and cursed me.


  "Wh-Where am I?" I let out a small groan. My body was aching all over and my vision was dying on me.


  All I knew that I was in some kind of cramped, dark place with- oh heck- a bloody disgusting stench. I could slightly tell that there was a lamp above me.


  Wait? Why the lamp looks so gigantic?



  Not only that, I felt itchy all over my body. I couldn't feel my clothing - oh I'm not bloody naked - and worst, my paws were dirtied.


 Wait - what paws?


  I shot up from the ground and fell down again. I couldn't stand on my legs for some reason. And another weird thing - I felt that my body were furry and soft when I hit the ground.


  And I hesitantly looked at my ha- oh no I'm not seeing bloody paws.


  Bloody paws, they're real.



   I rushed over to a puddle nearby, right under the lamp and stared at my own reflection.


  A white cat with grey eyes.


  Heck no. 


  I must be seeing things.



  Suddenly, from not so far away, I could heard footsteps approaching me.


   Clack. Clack.


   "Oh look what we got here." The person said.


    When the light of the dim lamp finally shone on the person's face, I could see the worst looking woman ever.


    She had the whitest hair, the worst wrinkles and an absolute disastrous sense of fashion.


   And worst of all - she was a filthy muggle.



   Clack. Clack.


   The strange woman walked closer to me.


     Clack. Clack.



     I quickly climbed up onto my feet and crouched in fear as I sensed the danger.


     The eldery woman was smirking maliciously as she stared at me.




    Clack. Clack.


    When the woman finally bent down to grab me, I knew something bad was going to happen.



    Especially when I was a bloody cat.

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