Draco and Me, A Muggle

Draco Malfoy got punished by Aunt Bellatrix for failing his task killing Dumbledore. The punishments? Turned into a cat and left stranded in the alleys of Brooklyn, almost got eaten by an old hungry lady, and finally - forced to live in the same house with a muggle. A non-magical girl muggle.

Meet Chloe - a girl with lots of financial problems, who absolutely freaked out when her grandma brought back a nasty talking cat for dinner. She never had time to believe in magic, and had never wanted to be involved in it. And sometimes, Malfoy's attitude just make her want to cook him.


7. Getting on my nerve, Muggle.

Chloe's POV

Took me ages to persuade the guy that our water system was not infected.


And that he should just get into the goddamn bath.


After fifteen minutes of just standing there, with my grandmother falling asleep by herself, and the guy refusing to leave his corner and touching the oatmeal, the last straw of my patience was dropped.


"You, sir, are going to take a bath now..." I lowered my voice, my eyes gleaming with anger.


"Or you can get out of this house and walk around naked."


The guy's body jolted at the thought of being kicked out of the place, roaming around aimlessly in the middle of the night. He hesitantly looked back up at me as if to say 'Really?'.


I shot him back a look saying 'Dead serious'.


Draco's POV

I submerged myself into the warm water and felt every inch of aching muscle in my body relaxed.


I need to escape. Right now.


It's dishonour to think how without my wand, a mere girl could just order me around like that.


How old was she anyway? Fourteen? Fifteen? A mere kid!


Being in the warm water was way better than being out there with a bunch of muggles, but I really needed to think fast if I want to not spend the night here. I cleaned myself so that not an inch of dirt remains and then quickly dried myself with a towel. 


I made sure the towel was clean and smelled good.


"Muggle! Bring me proper clothing!" I shouted, wrapping the towel around my waist.


"No way, we've given you food and bath and now you're asking for clothes as well? Not with that ungrateful attitude." A voice rang back. The girl sounded much more tired and sleepy than just now.


I swung the bathroom's door open to go out and teach that girl a lesson, but suddenly I was then facing with the girl, who stood right in front of me, a fierce look on her face.


"What? Wanting to teach me a lesson?"


"Filthy muggle-!"


"You've barged into our house as cat, transformed into a human, and then started calling us crazy names, and now you ask for more?" The girl took a step forward. Her eyes did not leave me once.


But it was then that it seemed like she noticed I was half naked. So she took a step backward.


She seemed so small standing near me.


Think, Draco, think. Just pretend and make her trust you. Some clothes are all you need and you can get out of of here!


"I am..." I felt a lump at my throat, preventing whatever I was going to say. Just a few hours ago, I would've never thought that I was ever say these words to another person - no - a muggle.




The girl didn't seem to show even a hint of surprise. Did she catch on?


"Fine." She said and turned on her heels to go into her room.


Yes. Just a bit longer and I'll be out of here.


The girl got back with some clothing on her hands.


"Okay, okay. Now just give me thos-"


My tongue immediately pulled back into my mouth on its own. Unmistakably, tears were on the brink of falling off her eyes.


"Don't you even think about leaving with these clothes on. Don't even think about it." Her voice trembled.


I held my breath, not knowing what to do. Why was I so helpless against this muggle?


I just stood there like a fool, looking at her, my mind telling me to snatch the clothes and run away - but I just couldn't. For an unexplainable reason, I felt the need to stand there - just stand there - to look at her frail body and pretty face.


The girl didn't say anything. Her legs started moving towards her room again, right after she handed me her clothes.


I looked down and the t-shirt and pair of shorts. On both of them a wobbly word was sewn.





Before I could even take control over my mouth, I looked up and said something that I later thought was stupid.


"My name's Draco Malfoy."


She looked back at me.



Oh no.


Not one of this awkward staring moment again.


------------------------Author's Notes-------------------------

2 chapters in a row! Not much for how long you guys have been waiting, I know. (starts crying again)


Please feel free to leave me comments! (Tell me where I should improve on and if you find a mistake, I would totally appreciate it!)

Bye byeeee~

(*disappears into smoke*)

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