Draco and Me, A Muggle

Draco Malfoy got punished by Aunt Bellatrix for failing his task killing Dumbledore. The punishments? Turned into a cat and left stranded in the alleys of Brooklyn, almost got eaten by an old hungry lady, and finally - forced to live in the same house with a muggle. A non-magical girl muggle.

Meet Chloe - a girl with lots of financial problems, who absolutely freaked out when her grandma brought back a nasty talking cat for dinner. She never had time to believe in magic, and had never wanted to be involved in it. And sometimes, Malfoy's attitude just make her want to cook him.


2. Draco's mistake (Prologue)

   In the wizarding world...


  "You've proven yourself to be worthless - can't even kill the measly Dumbledore! You've humiliated me in front of the Dark Lord!" Bellatrix screamed in rage. She clutched her wand tightly and pinned it against Draco's throat.

   "If y-you d-do anything, m-my p-parents w-won't f-forgive y-you." Draco stuttered and shivered in fear. He had never stood up against his Aunt before, and probably would never do it again.

  Bellatrix smirked.

  "Then how about I turn you into something even your parents won't recognise?" The woman laughed maliciously. She pulled her wand away from Malfoy, and started murmuring some strange words.

  "And finally… Cursia Worsilemma!" Bellatrix shrieked.

  A bolt of white lightning rocketed out from the wand, lunging at Draco, ready to hit him hard.

  The light blinded Draco's eyes. All he could feel was his own body shrinking in size.

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