Draco and Me, A Muggle

Draco Malfoy got punished by Aunt Bellatrix for failing his task killing Dumbledore. The punishments? Turned into a cat and left stranded in the alleys of Brooklyn, almost got eaten by an old hungry lady, and finally - forced to live in the same house with a muggle. A non-magical girl muggle.

Meet Chloe - a girl with lots of financial problems, who absolutely freaked out when her grandma brought back a nasty talking cat for dinner. She never had time to believe in magic, and had never wanted to be involved in it. And sometimes, Malfoy's attitude just make her want to cook him.


5. Cat Kiss

Draco's POV

"Get away you dirty muggle!!! How dare you intend to touch me with your filthy hands!" I screamed as the old woman's hand was about to touch my fur.

The old muggle immediately paused her actions and stared at me, her eyes widen with shock and astonishment.

Hah! Seeing a talking cat must've scared the bloody hell out of the muggle!

"Oh well, a talking piece of meat is no different when it's cooked." The old woman smirked, a glint of mischief sparked in her old and rusty eyes.

Is this woman bloody mental?!

The woman soon continued what she was doing, pulling me up and then threw me inside a dirty worn-out felt bag.

The feeling of nausea soon crept up on me inside the darkness of the constantly swaying bag.

If only I had my bloody wand.


Chloe's POV

As soon as I got home, I threw off all my clothing and emerged myself into the lukewarm bath.

Inside my heads, I rewinded my timetable for the week. 

"I've got a new job today, my shifts on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday."

And then, like everday during bath-time, I added up all the possible money that I could get during this month, and then subtracted the money that we, my grandma and I, would approximately spend on our essential needs. 

Every single spare pennies would then end up into a jar where we saved up for emergency situations.

The water in the old bathtub was getting cold. As I dry myself with a thin tower then put my clothes on, I heard grandma opened the door to our tiny apartment.

"Grandma, where have you been-" I complained, looking at the clock. Suddenly, I heard some strange noises that wasn't hers.

"PUT ME DOWN YOU FILTHY MUGGLE!!!" A voice yelled, screeching inside the felt bag that my grandma was holding.

What was the voice saying? Margles?

I stared at my grandmother strangely.

"And what do you have there in your little bag, grandma?" I cocked my eyebrow, giving the moving bag a strange look.

"Our dinner." My old grandmother smirked, giving me shivers down my spine. Thing are never too good when she smirks.

The last time she smirked, I got tricked into drinking sour milk. I can take care of out-of-date canned foods but she knew I've always hated sour milk.

I approached the bag slowly and carefully.

I swore I heard a squeaky voice.

"Wait. Did our dinner just... talk?" I swallowed my breath and froze.

My grandma smiled.

"Oops, the cat's out of the bag."  

As soon as my grandma said that, she untied her felt bag and a shadow lunged out at me. 


I fell backwards on my butt.

"WHAT THE HECK-" I screamed as a kitten was on top of my face.

And worse, I think the talking was coming from the freakin' feline.

"How dare you low, filthy creatures trapped me inside that disgusting little bag?!" The cat raged, aiming its claws at me.

My eyes widened.

My grandmother, as if a talking cat was the most mediocre thing ever, nonchalantly walked back to her kitchen and prepared her pots and knifes.

In the meantime, the shock of seeing a talking cat was way too overwhelming for me. 

Not to mention I had to hold the fucking cat off me to avoid its claws, too.

"WHY THE HELL IS A CAT TALKING?! WHY THE HELL AM I TALKING TO A CAT?!" I yelled at the kitten, my face got scratched by one of its claws. It was a mixed feeling of ashtonishment, fear, and anger. 

I've never felt this confused in my entire life. 

Oh Lord, I promise you I'm gonna do the house chores for the whole week if things can get even more confusing than this.

Suddenly, the cat slipped out of my hand, landing on my face. 

Not to mention our lips touched.

And I couldn't believed in my eyes what happened next.

A cloud of white smoke appeared as soon as the cat's lips and mine touched, engulfing the whole cat's body. When the smoke disappeared, there was no cat anymore, just a pale teenage guy with light blonde hair and grey eyes.

"Oh boy, you need some clothin' on that naked ass."  My grandma suddenly commented.

Oh yes he was handsome. Not to mention with no clothing on as well.

My mouth was wide opened, eyes looking straight into the strange guy's face, not daring to look down. The guy's face was also equally shocked, his piercing grey eyes stuck on mine.

Oh Lord, for this whole week, the house chores' on me.

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