My Big Brother

Hi, my name is Louise. I am 19 years old and I have a 20 year old brother that I don't know anything about! My mam abandoned me a month ago and my dad, well, I don't know anything about him. I was a mistake, no one wanted me, no one wants me, but, will someone want me?

I need to find my brother he is the only one left, the only one who can help me forget my past and think about the future. But will I ever find him?

A story filled with hurt, anger and sadness. A story that will not only make you laugh but cry. A story filled with pain a suffering but will Louise ever find her big brother and her one true love?


3. The suite

I got in the lift and pressed number 9. Almost instantly the lift shot upwards. It was playing a song that went like,

Your hand fits in mine, like its made, just for me,

But bare this in mind, it was meant to be,

and I'm joining up the dots, with the freckles, on your cheeks,

And I love them ear-PING!

The doors opened ruining the lovely song! Annoying, fast lift!

I walked down the hall, there was only 3 other suites on this floor, but only 1 was a presidential suite like mine! I stopped at the first door, room 901!

I inserted the key into the lock and twisted it and the door opened...


Inside the suite it was everything I ever dreamed of and most importantly-a king sized bed!

I looked at the time, because I was really looking forward for going for a swim! My OWN pool AAAAAAAH! I am gonna go now, I thought because its only 4:30 pm!

I went into my bedroom and put on my bikini-blue and white stripes! It's my favourite I didn't bother putting anything else on over it, because it as my own pool! So before I left, I put on matching flip flops and pulled my hair up onto a top knot!

I looked in the mirror and I was ready to go. But before I left I grabbed my beach bag and put a bottle if water, my iPhone and my towel in it. As I was walking out the door I grabbed my Chanel sunglasses on my fave and walked out! I was soooooo ready!

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