My Big Brother

Hi, my name is Louise. I am 19 years old and I have a 20 year old brother that I don't know anything about! My mam abandoned me a month ago and my dad, well, I don't know anything about him. I was a mistake, no one wanted me, no one wants me, but, will someone want me?

I need to find my brother he is the only one left, the only one who can help me forget my past and think about the future. But will I ever find him?

A story filled with hurt, anger and sadness. A story that will not only make you laugh but cry. A story filled with pain a suffering but will Louise ever find her big brother and her one true love?


16. The date

A/N: I just wanna say this chapter was hard to write, because I am only 12 and nothing like this has ever happened to me so yeah. Hope ya like it, comment, like, favourite and fan!



Niall pulled me into a restaurant. I didn't get the chance to see what it was called. When we got inside, I looked around then I looked at him with his cheeky grin, "Really Niall, Nandos?"

ye just shrugged his shoulders. It looked like he had rented the place out, we sat down and ordered our food. When it came we ate it keeping small talk. When we were finished, Niall put some money on the table, I could see it was way too much money but he walked out as if it was nothingso I just followed him.


We went to the park, the same one that Liam and I went to. We sat down on a bench and Niall put is arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him. He looked at me.m, "this was really fun," he said

"yeah it was," I replied

We didn't notice what we were doing, until our lips connected. Sparks were flying everywhere and in that moment I knew that he was the one. Suddenly I heard a click. Niall pulled away and looked over to the trees, there was a man with a camera. "Damn," he said, pulling me up. We ran back to our apartment and burst through the door. 


Everyone looked up at us, " your early," Liam said sounding surprised.

"paparazzi!" Niall explained

"What's so bad about that?" Iz asked

"our managers, that's what!" Niall said

"Oh!" Iz said quietly 

This is just great, everyone will know by tomorrow.

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