My Big Brother

Hi, my name is Louise. I am 19 years old and I have a 20 year old brother that I don't know anything about! My mam abandoned me a month ago and my dad, well, I don't know anything about him. I was a mistake, no one wanted me, no one wants me, but, will someone want me?

I need to find my brother he is the only one left, the only one who can help me forget my past and think about the future. But will I ever find him?

A story filled with hurt, anger and sadness. A story that will not only make you laugh but cry. A story filled with pain a suffering but will Louise ever find her big brother and her one true love?


6. Getting ready

A/N: So sorry I didn't update in a while (1 day) but I had school and loads of homework so I was just looking at the views this story has - 91 views! AAAAAAH! I know that that's not a lot but  it is to me! At the start of this story, I thought I would get 2 views at the most! But the next day it had 32 views! I just want to say thank you so much to everyone! :D I just wanna say this is kinda a filler chapter but big things happening in the next chapter! :D Please read, tell your friends- PEACE OUT!


Today was amazing we hung out in the pool for another half hour, then we got dried and dressed. I put on some floral skinny jeans, some cream hi-tops and a grey crop top that's days: Take me to Neverland! Me and the boys had exchanged numbers so that was good- what they were all EXTREMELY good looking! I was sitting on my bed at the moment and just then I heard a beep. I looked at my phone:

From: Niall

Hey u wanna cum 2 r house in 5?


To: Niall

Yeah sure c u then!



K c u soon! :) x


I sat up and startedto do my hair in a top knot because this was a casual day! I was wondering if the kiss ment anything when I started thinking about Niall- did I like him? I grabbed my bag and

put some money and my phone in! I then grabbed my room key and walked out, locking the door behind me.

I walked over to the boys' door and knocked.

Louis answered screaming "HEY LOUISE!"

"Hi Lou" I said, walking in, "hey guys!"

"Hi Louise!" The rest of the boys said.

"guess what we are going to play?"Harry smiled

"Emmmmmm?" I replied

"questions! We need to find out more about you! DUH!" Harry replied

"ooooook" I said sitting down, little did I know this was gonna be a loooooong night!

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