My Big Brother

Hi, my name is Louise. I am 19 years old and I have a 20 year old brother that I don't know anything about! My mam abandoned me a month ago and my dad, well, I don't know anything about him. I was a mistake, no one wanted me, no one wants me, but, will someone want me?

I need to find my brother he is the only one left, the only one who can help me forget my past and think about the future. But will I ever find him?

A story filled with hurt, anger and sadness. A story that will not only make you laugh but cry. A story filled with pain a suffering but will Louise ever find her big brother and her one true love?


19. Friends

A/N: I just want to dedicate this chapter to my friend. She isn't on Movella's and she doesn't want her name mentioned but I know she is reading this and she will know who she is.


"Harry, can we talk to you?" Niall asked.

"Yeah sure, why don't the girls go into my room and get to know each other?" Harry replied.

Us girls all went into Harry's room and sat on the bed.

"So, Alex, tell us about yourself," I said.

"Well, I am 17, I love Nando's and fajita's. I am smart, and I LOVE photography.I also play the guitar and piano!" Alex said.

"I play the guitar too!" Kiki said.

"I play the clarinet," I said.

"Cool" she replied.

We played 20 questions. Then Harry came in telling us to come out. After that, the boys learned a bit about Alex. At 10:30, Alex had to go home.

The boys sang us a song, it was their new one, Story Of My Life. Then us, girls sang them one, we got in a huddle and chose what song to sing. We started singing Little Things. KiKi got Nialls guitar and started to play. When we started, they smiled. We each had a solo in the song, we knew exactly who sings what because we sang it for a talent contest before.

When we were finished, the boys clapped and said that we were really good singers. Niall commented on Kiki's guitar playing. After that, Niall came over and kissed me.

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