My Big Brother

Hi, my name is Louise. I am 19 years old and I have a 20 year old brother that I don't know anything about! My mam abandoned me a month ago and my dad, well, I don't know anything about him. I was a mistake, no one wanted me, no one wants me, but, will someone want me?

I need to find my brother he is the only one left, the only one who can help me forget my past and think about the future. But will I ever find him?

A story filled with hurt, anger and sadness. A story that will not only make you laugh but cry. A story filled with pain a suffering but will Louise ever find her big brother and her one true love?


2. Arriving

It turned out Mabel was a really nice person nothing like my mam. She got off a couple stops back because she was going to her grand child's house. She lost all connection with her daughter but then got in contact with her grandchild 9 years after. That just gave me the urge to believe that I will find him, that I will find my big brother.


I put my earphones in and a song I didn't know came on it was really good. I checked what it was called and it was called Live While We're Young by One Direction. I had never heard of them before. 


~1hour later~

Suddenly the bus stopped. "Last stop, everybody off!" The man said.

I got up and I realised there was only 2 other people left on the bus. I went through the door and stepped onto the London soil. I took out my iPhone, yes my iPhone my mam was 'wealthy' and I went onto google maps. I searched for Whitehall Hotel. It was an expensive hotel, hey if your mam just abandons you and leaves her credit card behind that has, lets just say 'a lot' of money on it, your gonna use it right? Anyway luckily it was only a 5 minute walk away.

So I started walking. When I got there I gasped, it was everything I imagined it to be white everywhere with a red carpet- perfect.

I dragged my suitcase up to the front desk and said "Louise Payne, I already booked my room!"

The reception desk lady looked me up and down and said " yes your on the top floor presidential suite, room 901 with a pool!"

"a pool?" I almost sscreamed

"Yes now calm down or you will be thrown out" she said rudely, then she put on a fake smile, "have a Whitehall day!"

"bye!" I grumbled walking away and getting in the lift.

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