Swan princess

Fey has a bracelet, a scar and a destiny. A destiny that could either save or destroy the world...


1. Fey

'Stay away from me! Don't look at me!'

'Oh my god! What's wrong with her?'

'What a freak.'

'How typical of Fey. The orphaned freak.'

'Stay away from me!'

Fey awoke with a jump. She was laying in the middle of a field. She kept having nightmares about 3 days ago. The day she left. Her bracelet was still around her wrist and all her possessions were still in the bundle beside her. There was no way she would be able to fall asleep again. The moon still glowed high in the sky, guiding her along her journey. Her journey to where? She hadn't really thought about where she was going, she had just thought that she could just keep walking. Keep going. The further away she got from her village, the better. Her thin leather shoes let in the cold as she walked along the dusty road between the fields. She had seen no humans since she had left the safe haven of her village, but it was only a matter of time until she reached on of the many army settlements this close to The Edge. She didn't know what she would do when she did. For now all she could do was get far, far away from The Edge. Maybe people wouldn't notice when she was further inland. Maybe she could protect people. Something her mother had told her sprung into her mind. "You can run away from a problem, but it will still be there. One day you will have to face your problems and running away and fearing them will only give them power. Don't let them control you."  "I'm sorry mother. Not today." she whispered to herself as a crescent tear slid down her face, mimicking the glowing moon high above.

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