I love my friends! <3

This story is about a 12 year old girls dream to become a famous singer! She loves one direction but she is beginning to think about giving up on her dream when her friends do something amazing for her. What will they do? What will happen in this exciting story? Read to find out!


6. The sleepover PART 3

Jenny's POV:

We are doing our hair now. I ended up with a side fishtail braid. Pops ended up with a plait in either side of her head. Ems had her hair in a plait like Katnisses in the Hunger Fames. Sophia had a donut. Oona just had her hair down with a bit clipped at the side and Aoife had her hair down with some clipped back in the middle. 

We looked very pretty. We went down for breakfast and then Ashley asked can we go to the shops for her. It normally takes us a half an hour to go to the shop, but the things and get back. It was good that we were going because, me and Oona wanted to get the latest Kiss magazine (A/N: comment if you get it). 


When we got to the shop we split up, so me and Oona went to get our magazines and the others went to get the stuff for Ashley. We met back up at the cash registers. We just used the self service ones because they were quicker and there was no queue for them. We were finished in under 10 minutes so we started to walk back. 

When we got back, I heard some English voices from the sitting room. So I asked Ems who was there. She said it was just her uncle from England and we can meet him later. 


Emilys POV:

Oh no, Jens getting suspicious. When we got back from the shops, we heard English voices coming from the sitting room. It lucky U am English and I just lied saying that it was my uncle. Before Jen could ask anymore questions, I pulled her upstairs telling her that we needed to do our sleepover tradition. Whenever the 6 if us have a sleepover, we record someone doing something like singing  a song, doing a dance it even just telling a joke. We made sure it was Jens turn this time.

She sat, cross-legged on the bed nearest to the door. Her back was facing the door-good! We all sat on the other bed and sat looking at her, waiting for her to start. I took out my phone and hit record. It started recording. 

Jen started singing, 'Hey, How Ya Doin' by Little Mix. She sang it well. We heard the door opening so we looked up, it was the boys, the girls and I smiled and waved. Jen kept singing because she couldn't see the boys because they were behind her. She finished the song but I kept on recording. 

"Why are you still recording?" She asked me

I just pointed behind her, she turned around and screamed and I mean really screamed. 

"How...I mean.....What......?" She stammered.

"Maybe you wanna look at this, Jen," Oona said putting in the video of her entry into the TV. It started playing...


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