I love my friends! <3

This story is about a 12 year old girls dream to become a famous singer! She loves one direction but she is beginning to think about giving up on her dream when her friends do something amazing for her. What will they do? What will happen in this exciting story? Read to find out!


4. The sleepover PART 1

A/N: Sorry I  doing this in two parts because it wouldn't let me write more for some reason. Anyway I'll start  PART 2 now and I hope it will be up today! Comment below 👇 with what outfit you like the best! If your wondering why they are all Wintery stuff, it is because in the fanfiction, the date is the middle of November! ( like now! )

Ems POV:

Stacy was on the ground, crying her eyes out because Samuel had tripped her up. (A/N: haha you guys thought something big was gonna happen! Sorry!) all of my friends ran forward, going into action mode. Jen started putting her leftover water on Stacys knee, trying to clean it. Soph and Oona were trying to find a plaster in oonas bag. Pops was telling Stacy a joke, trying to cheer her up and Aoife was telling Samuel off!

5 minutes later Stacy had stopped crying and we had gotton a plaster on her knee. We walked into my garden and ran up to the door. I rang the doorbell. My mam, (Ashley) answered the door. "Hey kids!" She said we all walked in and I told my mam about Stacy. The girls and I started walking up the stairs. Stacy started to follow us but my mam called her back, telling her to leave us alone, so we went up to my room. We got dressed into:

Poppy's POV:

When we were ready, we went downstairs to have lunch, after that, we went outside because Ems' back garden is H.U.G.E! There is a trampoline, swings, slides and a little hang out in the tree. But you can only have 2 people in the hangout. Me and Aoife were in the hangout. Sophie and Ems were on the trampoline, doing flips and Jen and Oona were playing football. We are not the girliest of people. Like yeah, we love clothes, nails, make up and hair but we are NOT  afraid to get our hands dirty!

Anyway, me and Aoife started talking about tomorrow, because that was when One Direction were coming! Aoife is the only one of us who doesn' really like One Direction, but she is still excited! It was fun entering Jen into the competition, because the rules were that you had to make a video of the contestant singing. So we made a video of Jen singing, we did video hoes about her, we filmed her being crazy, and well just being herself! We all thought it was a really good video, and apparently, One Direction did too!

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