I love my friends! <3

This story is about a 12 year old girls dream to become a famous singer! She loves one direction but she is beginning to think about giving up on her dream when her friends do something amazing for her. What will they do? What will happen in this exciting story? Read to find out!


3. School

Jennifer's POV:

Pops was late for school because she had a dentist appointment. So it was just the 4 of us. I wasn't what you call 'popular' but like ya know, who cares? I have my best friends, And Uhace some friends. I don't need to be popular to have fun, right?

When we got into school, we started with Irish. I was so embarrassed because my teacher thought my homework was really good so she showed it to the whole class. I am normally the person who wins competitions in class and all that stuff. 'The smart one' they call it. Some of the more 'popular' girls give me looks or say I always win things and all. It hurts but I get over it. 

After Irish we did English. Then we had little break. When we went outside. Me and the girls went over to the wall that divides St.Marys and St.Itas. Oona was already there. We started talking about what we were going to fiat the sleepover. We aren't really allowed to talk over the wall but once we are not caught the teachers can't do anything!

We had planned everything for tonight then in the morning but that was it. 

"But what about tomorrow?" I asked

"We will just do whatever tomorrow!" Aoifes replied

"bu-" I started, but the bell rang. We said bye to Oona then went inside. We suffered the rest if the school day.


After school, me, Pops, Soph, Aoifes andEms were waiting on Oona. Ems little sister Stacy was with us because we just collected her from school. She goes to our school but she is only in 1st class though.I was getting impatient, we all were. St.Marys was always late out. It was really annoying. 


Oona's POV:

OH MI GOD! My stupid teacher isn't letting us out because our class is 'messy.' Finally she let us go. I walked out with my friends Anna and EvaKate. I saw my friends but I kept talking to Anna and EvaKate. 


"NAAAA!" I replied

"Why?" Pops asked

"Cuz Jen said I was stupid on Instagram!" I shouted, fakecrying 

"I said JK!" Jen shouted

Everyone just looked at Jen.

"Fine, I'm sorry! But I did say JK!" I screamed

I hugged my two laughing friends and ran over to the others. We went and collected Samuel, Ems little brother from the boys school beside ours. Don't be getting any ideas, he's, like, 8! Haha!

We started walking down the road. Ems just lived across the road from our schools. Stacy and Samuel ran ahead. Jen, me and Ems were walking in front talking about 1D then the others were walking behind us, talking about eggs! Don't ask we ate weird but that's why we love each other. Suddenly, Ems ran forward I looked up and I wasn't prepared to see...


A/N: So sorry. I had this chapter all done, then it somehow disappeared so I had to do it all again. I also want to say every fact about Jen and her friends is the same in real life! I am Jen and the others are actually my friends! We just have different names! Plus, we couldn't all have a sleepover in the same house cuz out parents wouldn't be able to handle us all. Also, Oona is only best friends with me in real life she knows the others, but not as best friends! Lastly whatever happens with the competition, and 1D is NOT true, I repeat, NOT true. Cuz like it IS called a fanFICTION!!!


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