I love my friends! <3

This story is about a 12 year old girls dream to become a famous singer! She loves one direction but she is beginning to think about giving up on her dream when her friends do something amazing for her. What will they do? What will happen in this exciting story? Read to find out!


9. Phone Call

A/N: Can't be bothered to write who is who so J=Jen and M=Mam!


J: Can you please explain what just happened?

M: So they are there?

J: YES!!! One Direction think I am a good singer!

M: No, they think that you are a great singer!

J: Thank's mam!

M: Look, I have to go, good luck! Don't feel forced into doing this! It's all up to you honey!

J: See ya! Of course I am doing this!


Em's POV:

I heard Jen hanging up the phone. She walked into the room and tossed her phone onto the bed, she then looked up at us and gave us a big hug!

She whispered in my ear, "was this your idea?"

I nodded, it's weird, you know the way in a group of friends, there is always people who are like BEST BEST friend's? Well that's like us. It is:

Me and Jen - We have actually only been friends three years! It's a bit like Louis and Harry, they haven't known each other forever but we are like sisters!

Pops and Soph - They have been best friends for life!

Oona and Jen - They live on the same road and that's how we know Oona!

Me and Aoife - We are just really good friends not sure how!

Then it's kinda like, Soph, me, Jen and Pops - We are really close friends!



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