I love my friends! <3

This story is about a 12 year old girls dream to become a famous singer! She loves one direction but she is beginning to think about giving up on her dream when her friends do something amazing for her. What will they do? What will happen in this exciting story? Read to find out!


14. Jenny

Niall's POV:
This girl is really cool. Even her friends, I knew she was a good singer, but not that good! Her friends are so caring especially the way hey signed her up for the contest instead of signing up themselves. I can't wait for the tour!

Harry's POV:

This tour will be amazing! I can't wait! Especially the way they all love us, well except for Aoife but shes not coming with us so it's ok! I have a bad feeling about her. Anyway, this is gonna be epic!

Louis' POV:

These people are funny! Like seriously! They are great I really can't wait for the tour! I really want to introduce  them to El. 

Liam's POV:

Jen is a really amazing singer. I am glad that we did the contest and she won. It is also really great for Niall because since we are in Ireland, he can see his family!

Zayn's POV:

I can't wait to introduce the girls to Perrie! I think they are fans of Little Mix too because Jenny was singing a Little Mix song when we got here.



Sorry for the short chapter! I just wanted to show you all what the boy's think of Jen and her friends. Also, please check out my new mumble PLEASE! XD

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