I love my friends! <3

This story is about a 12 year old girls dream to become a famous singer! She loves one direction but she is beginning to think about giving up on her dream when her friends do something amazing for her. What will they do? What will happen in this exciting story? Read to find out!


10. Getting to know each other

Pop's POV: 

We sat down in a circle because we wanted to get to know each other. But all of a sudden, we heard Em's sister, Stacy calling Em's in that voice that means she wants something,"EMMMMMMIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?"

She didn't know that One Direction were here so we all got up to try and get her downstairs but she burst in the room before we could. She was only 6 but she LOVED One Direction. She froze but soon recovered and screamed, "LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUIS!"

She ran forward and hugged Louis' legs I guess you can see who her favourite is...

We tried to get her off Louis' legs but it was nearly impossible. In the end, we promised that Stacy could stay and sit beside Louis. 


Soph's POV:

The boy's got to know a bit about us and we got to know the boy's a bit more. Aoife's phone beeped and she picked it up, "Hey!...What? OMG!....I can't wait!.......When?.....Nooooo!......Like yeah I really want to go!........Of course!.......Yeah!......Bye!"

We all just looked at her as she pressed end call. She looked up at us with tears in her eyes. She doesn't cry unless in a lot of pain so she just ran out and into the bathroom. Em's went after her and we all just sat in silence. 

10 minutes later, they walked back in and Em's said, "Aoife is going to Hawaii!"

We all started to congratulate her because we live in Ireland and Hawaii is so far away and hot.

"But....it's at the same time as the tour!" Em's continued.

We all gasped.

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