I love my friends! <3

This story is about a 12 year old girls dream to become a famous singer! She loves one direction but she is beginning to think about giving up on her dream when her friends do something amazing for her. What will they do? What will happen in this exciting story? Read to find out!


2. Entering!

Jennifers POV:

I can't wait! I am going to a sleep over in one of my best friends house tonight! It's Emily's house. Oona,Poppy,Sophia and Aoife are my other really good friends they are coming too! Youmight  think 6 is a lot of people but really it's not. Ems has a big bedroom, it can fit 2 single beds and 1 double bed in. She has a playroom, that has a sofa bed (double bed) and everone else sleeps on the floor. So we are gonna be sleeping in either if those two places!

I had my bag all packed. It was a Friday morning, so I was in my school uniform. We were just bringing our bags into school with us then just go straight to Ems house after school.We are in 6th class in primary school so we don't have a locker but we stay in the one class all day so it was all good! We all go to the same school, St.Ita's but Oona goes to the school next to us, St.Marys! 


When I got into school, I saw Emily and Sophia talking. Poppy wasn't there yet and Aoife was over the other side if the yard talking to some girls. I walked over to Soph and Ems, "Hey are ya all ready for tonight?" I asked

"Yup!" They replied

I told them that I would see them in class so I walked over to some other girls and started talking to them.


Emilys POV:

Ha ha, Jen hasn't realised what the fiveof us did! We entered her into a singing contest! And the prize is to be One Directions opening act in their tour coming up! She won of course because she is an amazing singer. One Direction are coming to my house tomorrow to tell her that she won and later today the girls and I will 'casually' talk about the contest we all entered and then Jen will realise she didn't enter. But we didn't actually enter we only entered Jen in. I can't wait to see her face! After all, it was my idea!

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