Please, Let Me Save You

I met her in the park, on the benches. She was gorgeous. But, she was curled into a ball, mascara running down her cheeks. Cheeks red. Her purple hair put into a messy bun. Cuts, razor cuts, all over her, bruises, even scars traced her body. All I wanted to do was save her.-Harry Styles


1. I Met Her, At Her Lowest.

Harry's POV

I just left yet, another date gone wrong. Third one this month. Some girls were all just in for the fame, some for the money, some for a lift in their career. Some just not right for me.

I sighed as I looked down at me shoes, as I walked along the park pathway, in me hometown, Holmes Chapel, where I'm glad to say I won't be leaving until the "Where We Are" tour begins.

I inhaled the scents around me, Smelling of oak, grass, the candy shop just on the corner, and of peppermints. I scrunched me nose, questioningly, to see if that was right.

I took in me surroundings as one of me hands were in me pockets fiddling with a small piece of paper.

I saw a man mowing the grass, possibly grunting. I saw a little boy fighting with his mum to give him his ice cream back, him stomping, whining, crying and just basically throwing a tantrum. I saw two little girls running with their mother to the swings, the mum pretending to be naturally slow to let her daughters win. I smiled seeing the grins plastered on the children's faces.

My gaze locked to the benches. On one sat a lovely girl. Her hair was purple, I couldn't tell if it was long or not because of the messy bun it was in. Her legs under her. She wore half-sleeved sweater, with the words "Real life" on the front in white print and the main colour was black. She was wearing white shorts and black flats.

I walked over to her, taking a seat besides her. Her face was now buried deep in her hands. Her arms pointing the other way so I was only able to see the backside of her arm.

I heard slight sniffs, and she was exhaling heavily. Even though I didn't know her, I still couldn't stop meself from getting worried.

"Erm, miss are you alright?" I asked speaking at a level only the two of us could hear.

No answer. Just more sniffs, but she was now shaking.

"Erm, do you need anything? What's wrong," I asked moving closer to her.

No response.

"Erm, what's your name love? Do you need me to call anyone for you?" I asked trying to get something out of her, speaking louder now.

No reply.

"Please, answer I know something's up." I placed me hand on her back. She jumped at me touch and I quickly pulled away, slightly embarrassed.

"Please, just go, I don't need your help." She mumbled softly, I could barely make out her Australian accent. Her head still in her hands. The back of her arms still facing me, and her legs under her.

"Will you at least tell me what's wrong? Was it a bad grade? Was it something you lost? Did you lose someone? Was it a bad break up?" I rambled on showering her with questions. Once the last one escaped me mouth, I knew I done it. She began to cry slightly, but I think she was trying to stop them from falling in front of me,

Oh you done it now Harry!! Stupid, think sometimes. "Look I'm sorry I didn't mean to bring back unnecessary memories. Erm, I'll just go now, again I'm sorry." I apologized softly knowing I would have to leave.

Once I got up that's when I saw it. All of the cuts, bruises, and scars trailing all over her arms. Me mouth got dry, and me throat tight.

I kneeled down in front of her. I carefully took hold of her arms. Again she jumped frightened at me touch. This time revealing her face. Her mascara was running, it looks as if had for awhile. Her hands were wet and mascara dripped down. With me other hand I lifted her chin up and turned her head to the side slightly. Her still jumping at me every touch. I saw marks bruises and cuts along her jawline. I slowly and carefully took her legs out from under her, and placed her feet on the ground. There showed more cuts, bruises and one or two scars.I carefully ran me finger throughout her leg, and whispering "Sorry," to her when ever she winced in pain at certain spots.

I wanted to cry. Who would do this to her? Why would she do this to her? I recognized some razor cuts . More importantly who pushed her to do this to herself. Who was responsible for the pain in the girl's voice, who was responsible for her tears, who was responsible for the other marks she received.

I wiped the mascara that was trailing down her cheeks. It then exposed her beautiful icy blue eyes. They stared into mine. I saw the fear and hurt.

"Who did this to you?" I breathed out, not leaving her gaze.

She shook her head, and her faced softened signaling the tears that were going to rush down her cheeks any moment. I was there to wipe them away.

"It's nothing." She told me pulling her arms and legs away from me. I lost her eyes as she looked down at her hands, probably the only part of her that wasn't marked.

"It's defiantly something, have you been to a doctor about this?" I asked sternly.

"I don't need to. Okay." She said her tenseness building.

"Judging by this, I think you do." I fought back taking her arm and showing it to her.

More tears began to stream down her face, I wondered if she was remembering something, or someone. Once she settled her flow of tears, she looked back down at me.

"Look I don't need your help. Okay." She got up and stormed past me, not making eye contact with me any further. Her hand was over her mouth, i knew more tears were coming down. Her other hand stuffed into her pocket, only the back side revealing. I watched just until she left me sights.

I didn't bother going after her, knowing she wasn't going to listen. And I clearly brought back unwanted memories that hurt her.

I ran me hand through me hair. I breathed out heavily, Wondering what I'm going to do.


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