Best Friends With The Troublemaker

Tatsuki Matsumoto is twelve years old, is in squad two and is best friends with the troublemaker of the Hidden Leaf Village, Naruto Uzumaki.
When the Chunin Exams begin Tatsuki meets Gaara and the Sand Siblings, but Tatsuki starts to feel slightly heart-broken when Gaara says that he can't remember her.
But is he telling the truth or is he just trying to hide his feelings of pain and betrayal that he felt when she left. Find out in Best Friends With The Troublemaker.


1. Meeting The Sand Siblings



'Guys I would like you all to meet our new student, Tatsuki Matsumoto.' Announced the teacher, motioning for the black haired and sapphire eyed girl to come in. 'Class this is Tatsuki Matsumoto, where would you like to sit Tatsuki?' He asked, smiling at her warmly.
She gave him a blank look and shrugged, there were so many other places that she wanted to be right now, training with her friends - Natsu, Ryuzaki and Renji - or even going shopping with her older Sister Rangiku, anything, so long as it had nothing to do with school.
'Why don't you go and sit next Sasuke Uchiha?' Said the teacher after a few seconds, gesturing towards a raven haired boy, the boy in question looked up and his gaze met with Tatsuki's, his onyx eyes bore into her as if they could see into her very soul, she glared at him, Tatsuki didn't like the look he had gave her.
She stomped up to her chair and plopped down next to him, death-glaring the desk in front of her. Why do I have to sit next to the Uchiha? She thought irritably, returning the glares that she was getting from all the girls in the class except from the little Hyuga girl.
 After school had finished for the day she went and sat in a tree near the academy for a while.
'No you're not! You think that because your Father is the great Hiashi Hyuga's daughter that you'll get special treatment from everyone, but you're wrong! We won't give special treatment and neither will anyone else outside of the Hyuga clan!' Yelled a voice. I wonder what's going on?
She got to the scene quickly, but someone else was faster.
'Hey! Just leave her alone!' Shouted the yellow haired boy Tatsuki had noticed earlier.
'And why should we listen to you! My Mom said that I shouldn't talk to you because you're a bad influence!' Shouted one of the boys who were crowding around the little Hyuga girl from my class. She looks terrified. I conclueded mentally, watching as the yellow haired kid got beaten up by the other boys as the girl sat there uselessly. Ah what were their name's? The girl was Hyuga... Hinata! Yes that was it! Hinata Hyuga and the boy name was.... Naruto.... Naruto Uzumake? No, Naruto Uzumaki! That's it!
By the time she'd remembered, the bullies were gone and an older Hyuga was leading Hinata away from Naruto, who was laying on the floor with a bloody lip and nose bleed, she jumped out of the tree and landed next too him. 'You ok?' Tatsuki asked, sitting down beside him.
He gaped at her for a second before smiling at her brightly. 'Yeah I'm fine, but won't you get in trouble if your parents find out that you talked to me?' He questioned, his smile dropping slightly.
'I don't have any parents and my sister won't mind that I'm with you, she always says that she feels sorry for you because everone's so mean to you.' She explained, grinning at him, taking a tissue out of her pocket and handing it to him.
'I'm originally from the Land of Lightning and I travel a lot with my Sister and my friends, Natsu, Ryuzaki and Renji. The last village we were in was the Sand Village, I was really good friends with the Kazekage's Son, we had such a fun time together.' She sighed, remembering her friend... Her friend that needed her but she left behind anyway...
Tatsuki shook her head to get rid of the thought. 'So what d'you like to do after school?' She asked, changing the subject.
'Well most of the time I just go home or go to Ichi Raku's, man he does the best ramen in all of the Hidden Leaf! I know! I could take you there! Believe it!' He exclaimed, jumping to his feet, the biggest smile she'd ever seen plastered on his face.
Tatsuki sighed inwardly. 'Fine, but this better be good 'cause I'm missing my training time to do thid.' She muttered, rolling her eyes at the yellow haired boy. I have a feeling that I'm gonna make friends with this kid whether I want to or not. She thought. Oh well, it can't hurt to have more than three friends.
'Alright! Let's go!' With that Naruto grabbed her hand and pulled Tatsuki off to Ichi Raku's.

~Four years later~

'Hey Boss! Hey Tatsuki! Come play Ninja with us!' Yelled Konohamaru.
'Hey guys.' She smiled tiredly, Tatsuki had been training almost all night for the Chunin Exam the day before and now she was exhausted.
'Hey Tatsuki!' Konohamaru said loudly, beaming brightly at her. He's so much like Naruto. Tatsuki thought with a smile.
'Ugh, you two are so pathetic, ninja playing Ninja, come on!' Growled Sakura, plodding over to them.
'Oh uh, hey Sakura!' Naruto said. Good grief, he's so stupid when she's around. Tatsuki thought to herself grimly, sweat-dropping.
Tatsuki's gaze shifted from one shinobi to the other, from Naruto who was blushing lightly and rubbing the back of his head, to Sakura who was glaring daggers back at him.
'Oh I know what's going on here.' Said Konohamaru randomly. 'She's... Your girlfriend.' He smirked, addressing Naruto.
The yellow haired boys blush deepened. 'Uh well, I guess you can just see how much she digs me-' Naruto was cut off as Sakura punched him in the face, sending him flying.
Tatsuki rolled her bright blue eyes at them. Oh here we go. 'That was slightly uncalled for Sakura.'
'Yeah! What sort of girlfriend are you! You're a witch! And you're ugly too!' Yelled Konohamaru, then looking slightly scared he began backing away as Sakura stormed over to him.
Tatsuki sighed and lent against the fence. I wish I was with my squad right now.
  After Sakura had finished beating both Naruto and Konohamaru to a bloody pulp she stormed off, her long pink hair swishing angrily behind her.
'Wow! I don't think she's even human! And she has such a big forehead!' Commented Konohamaru, paling when Sakura froze and turned slowly back around to face them.
'Run!' Shouted one of Konohamaru's friends, together they scrambled to their feet and ran. I guess I should probably go with them. Thought Tatsuki, jogging after them.
She caught up with them just as Konohamaru ran into someone from a different village.
'Ah! Hey! Put me down you big jerk!' Shouted Konohamaru suddenly, as a guy with weird purple face paint picked him up by the scarf.
'Hey put him down!' Yelled Naruto, running closer but not to close.
'Oh Kankuro, just leave the kid alone.' Sighed a girl who was standing beside him, she had four pony tails in her sandy blond hair.
'Why should I, He isn't here yet, so I'm just gonna mess with them until then.' Grinned Kankuro.
Tatsuki had had enough, she walked over and stood next to her yellow haired friend. 'Just put Konohamaru down, and I won't have to kill you.' She growled calmly, she stared at the teen who had a hold of Konohamaru, giving the weird looking guy the coldest glare she could muster.
He flinched slightly but recovered quickly. 'Why should I listen to a squirt like you? My brother is the Demon of the Sand, I'm pretty sure I can handle you.' He sneered, his strange face paintings making his sneer look even bigger than it really was.
Tatsuki felt a shiver go down her spine when he told her about his brother. I no who he's talking about, but he can't be, he can't be Gaara's brother. 'Don't call him that.' She whispered dangerously, feeling a wave of protectiveness wash over her for who she was guessing must be Gaara. 'Don't you ever speak about Gaara like that.'
His eyes widened. 'How do you know our brother?' Asked the older blond girl that Tatsuki had noticed earlier.
'I met him along time ago and we were good friends, I've never forgotten him.' She hissed softly, taking a step towards Kankuro.
'Oh I remember you, you were that kid that was always with Gaara, Tatsuki right?' Said the girl again. 'I'm Temari by the way.'
'Temari! Stop talking to the enemy!' Snapped the guy who was still holding Konohamaru in the air.
'Put him down!' Growled Naruto defensively, glaring at Kankuro venomously.
He attempted to run toward Kankuro as he said this but he was stopped by Sakura. 'You idiot Naruto, you can't just go racing into a fight like that!' Sakura hissed.
'You know it's punks like you that really piss me off, you're all talk with no fight to back you up.' Growled Kankuro, drawing back his arm to punch Konohamaru. I've got to do something! Or Konohamaru's gonna get pounded to a pulp and I don't think the Hokage will happy with me when he finds out that I could of prevented that! Tatsuki thought, panicking slighty, but only on the inside, on the outside she was as calm as ever.
She was just about to spring forwards and snatch Konohamaru from Kankuro, but then a stone came hurtling towards them, hitting Kankuro in the hand, he let out a yelp of pain and let Konohamaru go.
Tatsuki sighed. You always have to be the hero don't you Sasuke.
She looked up and sure enough there he was, sitting up in the tree, smirking like the Cheshire Cat and throwing a pebble into the air and then catching it, only to repeat the action.
Now things are slightly more interesting. 'Hey! Why can't you be cool like that Boss!' Whined Konohamaru, looking at Naruto with a wobbly lip.
'I am Konohamaru!' Assured Naruto.
Tatsuki looked back up at Sasuke when he started to speak. 'I think you should leave.' He said cockily.
Kankuro was about to retort but his reply was cut short by an ice cold voice. 'That's enough Kankuro.' Said the red haired boy that was standing, upside down, in the tree next to Sasuke.
Tatsuki gaped at him. That's him. It's Gaara of the Sand. A grin spread across her face. 'Long time no see Gaara.'
'Who are you?' Gaara said uninterestedly. Ow that hurt.
'Can't you remember? It's me Tatsuki.' She said, her voice coming out no more than a whisper.


Sorry guys but the next bit might not come out for a while because I've got loads of homework to do at the moment and I'm also working up to two Exams!!!!
It's tiring to say the least but I'll survive... Hopefully




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