The New Arrival

I always knew there was something special about Lia Reynolds. I just never realised quite how unusual she was.

A short story about reception teacher Miss Lowsley and her class. When new girl Lia arrives she brightens up the class and everyone loves her. But as strange things start to happen, is there something more going on...?


3. 3

Once the class had got stuck into the morning's art activity I sat down at my desk to fill in a stack of paperwork. As I did so I considered the new arrival. It was all very unusual. She had been at the school for less than an hour, yet already she was messing about with Lydia and Holly like they'd been friends for years.

I was brought out of my ponder abruptly as a piercing scream reverberated around the room. Macey Carter, a meek little girl, was standing alone in the middle of the classroom with fat tears streaming down her pixie-like face. After a moment of confusion I saw the cause of her distress.

I almost swore.

The girl's beautiful white blonde hair lay in a perfect ponytail on the floor, severed from her head just above the bobble. "Everyone, OUTSIDE!" I ordered, and the class, intimidated by 'Scary Miss Lowsley', shuffled onto the playground. I carefully picked up Macey's ponytail and turned to the little girl. "Who did this?"

"I-I don't k-know M-miss," she stammered. "I-I just f-felt it f-fall off!"

"Macey, I need to know who did this to you. Was anyone near you?" But, crying helplessly, she could do nothing more than shake her head in response.


After a stressful half hour of many rushed explainations to fellow teachers, an excruciatingly awkward phone call to Macey's parents and a lot of comforting of the poor girl herself I returned to the infant playground.

"Is Macey ok, Miss?" The concerned face of each child looked up at me for some explanation of the event as I called them inside.

"Yes, she's fine Holly. But what happened certainly is not. Cutting off another child's hair is-" I broke off as a wave of gasps rippled through the receptions. "What?" Swivelling around to face the classroom, I saw exactly 'what'.

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