The New Arrival

I always knew there was something special about Lia Reynolds. I just never realised quite how unusual she was.

A short story about reception teacher Miss Lowsley and her class. When new girl Lia arrives she brightens up the class and everyone loves her. But as strange things start to happen, is there something more going on...?


2. 2

Sipping my scalding hot coffee, I nudged open the door and flicked the light switch. Glimmering lights flashed into action, illuminating the rainbow of messy finger paintings, plastic chairs and colourful posters scattered around my classroom. I took another gulp of steaming coffee and crossed the room to my cluttered desk.

Checking my emails never fails to be top of my to-do list, and today was no exception. Heads notices for the week, charity fundraiser, blah blah blah, Easter Bonnet Parade, blah blah blah, new pupil... Hang on. A new pupil? It was mid-April, with a week to go before the Easter holidays. Who on earth would be enrolling their reception child at a new school at this time of year?

Youngsters and their parents had begun gathering on the playground. As it was drizzling, I clicked open the door to let them in. First through the threshold was Liam Jackson. "Mornin' Miss Lowsley!" he chirped. Extremely bright kid, but very little support from home. His brutish mother, piggy eyes boring into me, grunted in my general direction before waddling away.

As the rest of the class filtered in I kept an eye out for the newcomer. Eventually, once most children were happily settled, an unfamiliar child appeared, flanked by two nervously smiling parents. The five year old had glossy, jet black hair secured by two red bobbles in two perfectly symmetrical bunches on top of her head. Piercing pale blue eyes, framed by an abundance of beautiful long eyelashes, stared up at me as I took in her immaculate uniform and pearly white teeth.

"Hi, erm, I'm Lisa Reynolds and this is my daughter Lia," stuttered Lia's rather plain looking mother as her stunning daughter beamed up at me.

"Hello. I'm Miss Lowsley. Come in Lia dear, we're all sitting on the carpet for registration." Without hesitation, Lia slipped past me and sat down, whilst I chatted briefly to her parents.

"She's so excited to come here," explained Lisa. "She had a rough time at her old place, y'know." I nodded. So that was why she'd moved at such a weird time. "All this morning she's been telling me about this amazing secret art project she's planning!"

"Well I do look forward to seeing that!" I smiled. When I turned back to the class, Lia was already surrounded by the other students, and they were all in fits of laughter over something. Settled in quickly, I thought to myself. "Quieten down please R1!"


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