Don't Cry

Louis has always been the bad boy. The one with no emotion, but when it comes to love, a whole new side to Louis is proved to be there!

But what if he falls for the wrong one...


5. Wow, was that Natalie...the geek?

Natalie's POV


When I woke up, I felt a cramp in my leg. Probably from when Louis tripped me up yesterday. I pushed myself off my bed and groaned loudly, dropping to the floor.


''Sis?'' I heard a muffled voice come from Matty's room.


''I'm fine, baby. Go back to sleep, I just dropped something.'' I reassured him, tightly shutting my eyes, careful not to scream out in pain. I got up again and limped over to my wardrobe. I thought I'd dress nice for once, maybe they'll stop the bullying if I looked... better?


I pulled out a white Black Roses tee, and some skinny's. I brushed my hair back and pulled it into a high pony tail, leaving my side fringe hanging down. Clearly with the amount of money we have, I had no nice shoes, so I sneaked into my sister's room, to find her still asleep. I smiled to myself, thinking of how pretty she is. Sad I don't even know her name.


I looked through all her shoes, until I found white shiny heels, with black cute bows at the front. I didn't think she'd notice, so I slipped them on.


I sneaked back out and into Matt's room.


''Baby?'' I whispered in case he was asleep. But he turned around straight away, his face full of happiness and brightness. It confused me, he had no parents, only one sister who cared about him, doesn't even know his alphabets, never spoke to anyone other than me, yet he's THE cheeriest person I've ever seen. I sighed happily, bending down to give him a kiss.


''See ya later, yeah? Don't do anything stupid, baby.'' I poked his nose, as a cute giggle escaped his lips. He nodded and turned around to sleep again. I looked around and found a puzzle box on the floor. I went over to it and picked it up, placing it on his bed, in case he woke up. I then went out of his room, picking up my bag and skipping down the stairs. Taking a deep breath, I opened the door, not bothering with breakfast.


''Naww, fatty decided to join us.'' I heard a sickening voice say from my left. I turned my head to find Louis and another two boys. Each of them had a slut hanging onto their arms. They all wore hard core clothes, with Louis having his hair styled hotly. Even though I hate him, he wasn't bad looking. He wore an unbuttoned white tee and some ripped chinos. I looked to his right, at which I locked eyes with Molly.


Molly used to be my best friend, but she exchanged our friendship for popularity. She started spreading 'funny' rumors about me, making everyone hate me, and love her. She had blonde hair, which was dip dyed with a midnight black. She wore a little black dress way over her knees, and a jean jacket. She also had on some very high boots and her face was caked in black make up. I tried smiling at her, but she growled at me, giving me a dirty look. I dropped my head as the street was filled with their thunderous laughs. I slung my backpack over my shoulder, and started limping down the stairs, as my knee was still injured.


''Hope to see you soon, bi***!'' Louis shrieked with laughter, the others joining him. I shook my head, holding back the tears and sped up, desperate to get away from them.


Once I arrived at school, I was greeted with even more snarls, glares, nasty comments, and so much more. I bowed my head lower, letting my fringe cover up my eyes, hoping they wouldn't see my eyes.


Yup, they were getting quite wet. I swiftly wiped away the tears, before arriving at my locker. I entered my combination and pulled the door of the yellow locker open. Just then, a note fell out from the gap from the side of the door. I bent down and picked it up, carefully reading it over and over, just to make sure I was reading it right.


I love you!

Sorry about the bullying, I'm one of THEM :(

Forgive me? x

xx Anon xx


I scrunched up the piece of paper, knowing this is a trick, seeing as the whole school was laughing at me.


''How's lover boy?'' Someone giggled.


''OHMYGODOHMYGOD SOMEONE LOVES IT?'' Someone else screeched, making everyone laugh loudly.


''No one loves it. Not even the dude who wrote that! We know it's fake, people. We're making her feel important. She's just a piece of sh**! Just go kill yourself, slut.'' Someone shouted, as everyone nodded in agreement. I bowed my head, and moved faster down the hall. Just then, a pair of strong arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me back.


''Who are you?'' I whispered, breathing heavily. Whoever it was, was dropping little wet kisses up and down my neck, their breath heavy on my skin.


''Does it matter?'' His voice was deep and strong, deep and husky. I sighed quietly making sure he didn't hear it.


''Y-yes. It d-does!'' I replied, trying to pull away. I looked up slightly to see that everyone had gone. They then started pulling at my earlobe, tugging at it with their mouth. He chuckled huskily. I closed my eyes shut, before sliding out of his arms. Without turning back to see who it was, Ilegged it down the hall, running to my first class, maths.


Who was that?

Why did they DO that?

Were they making fun of me?


I tried forgetting about it, as I entered my class, as everyone turned around and stared at me.


''Why is she late, she's always first one here?''


''Waoh, she looks like she's been having fun.'' My eyes widened as I quickly reached up and sorted my hair out.


''Natalie? Why are you late love?'' My teacher asked, clearly as confused as  everyone else. Just then Louis and the girl from earlier entered the room. The girl, my old friend, Lily. I sighed and made my way over to my seat.


''I just was, OK?'' I snapped, getting bored of people always expecting that much from me. I groaned and slouched into my seat. Everyone had their eyes the size of a bloody spaceship and their jaws almost touched the ground. Louis whistled a deep, low wolf whistle, making everyone chuckle. 


''What the fu** is your problem?'' I screamed at Louis, making everyone shut up.


''What did you say?'' He challenged, standing up from his chair.


''I SAID, WHAT THE FU** IS YOUR PROBLEM... GET IT?'' I stood up as well, screaming even louder. Everyone was cowering in their seats watching our every move, even the teacher.


''I... don't have the problem, hun. You do!'' He calmly bit back, sass showing in his every word. I raised an eyebrow, my blood boiling.


''Louis, I suggest you shut up. I have your every secret, and DO NOT think I won't tell the whole school by your next wrong move, OK?'' I replied with the same tone of voice, resting an arm on ly hip.


''And I have yours!''


''Everyone already knows my every secret!'' I took a step towards him.


''Bit**!'' He called, spitting at me. I raised my hand, and slapped him right across the cheek, gasps filling the air. I spat back at him, and pushed my way out of the classroom, pushing anything in my way to the floor. Even tables and chairs, and one or two poor bi***s. I smirked at Louis one last time, before storming right out of the door, feeling so glad and relieved. Soon enough, I was making my way right out of the school, walking to no where in particular. I just needed to get out of this shi**y place as soon as possible.


Louis' POV


I was still standing there, no voice heard, as Natalie gave me one last look, smirking slightly, before disappearing out of the door. 


''!'' It was Conner who broke the silence, which was then filled with surprised voices.


''KIDS! SIT DOWN, FUSS OVER!'' The teacher called, desperately trying to shut everyone up. I sighed and made my way out of the door, completely unnoticed. I went straight out of the school not caring about the screaming teachers ordering me to come back in. I flipped my hair out of my eyes, and saw Natalie sat on a bench very far away. She was too far away for me to make out what she was doing, but I knew it was her. I took about 10 steps closer, which was still far away, but I could see her better. She had her head in her hands and her body jumped up and down slightly, meaning she was either laughing or crying.


''FU** THIS!'' She screamed, before kicking a stone and getting up. She walked a few steps until I couldn't see her, so I decided to follow her. I started a light jog, not wanting to lose sight of her. Once I found her, I noticed a man making his way over to her. He looked as though he was 20 years older than her, or somewhere near.


Her dad? I thought to myself. But when he wrapped his arms around her waist and she turned around, she screamed.


''GET OFF ME, YOU PERV!'' I heard her scream, struggling to get out of his grip. But he held her tight, dropping light kisses on her neck. That's when I lost it!


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