Don't Cry

Louis has always been the bad boy. The one with no emotion, but when it comes to love, a whole new side to Louis is proved to be there!

But what if he falls for the wrong one...


6. She called me Lou!

Louis' POV


My feet kicked every stone, as I ran as fast as ever towards the jerk touching her...Natalie, was it?


''GET! THE! FU**! OFF!'' I screamed, throwing a punch at him with every word. The man growled at me, pushing me off him with ease and kicking me to the ground. He kicked me a few times, but I manged to get off the ground and attacked him again. I punched him where it hurt most and he fell to the ground, before getting up and running off. I turned around at Natalie and saw her frowning.


''Why...?'' Her face showed anger, but even a little hope. For what, I don't know.


''NO girl deserves to be treated like trash.'' I spat, still angry at the man, before realizing what I had just said.


''You're right.'' She growled, before walking away, pushing me out of the way. Why did I say that, I go bully her, and then tell her no girl should be treated like that. I'm SUCH a hypocrite.


Natalie POV


I was walking as far away from Lou as...sorry, Louis, as far as possible heading towards the school doors. I walked in with my head in my hands, every teacher giving me a weird look. Instead  of going back to my lesson, I headed towards the girl toilets, not caring who was in there to laugh at me or take any pictures. I stormed in and screamed at the top of my lungs, feeling a lot better suddenly. I kept screaming until my throat hurt, so instead I started kicking everything in the way. At least I was taking my anger out on some THING!


Why would Louis say that, how can he insist that treating girls like trash is unacceptable, then go and bully, kick me, punch me and scream at me that way. He's SUCH a hypocrite.


Louis' POV


''Louis where did you go?'' The teacher spoke, frowning. I looked around the classroom and was surprised to see that Natalie wasn't even back yet. I shrugged and sat down as the teacher stuck a note on my desk.






I growled and ripped it in two, but got on with my work. After the lesson, the teacher asked for 'a word' with me and Natalie, who joined in ten minutes after me.


''Yes, Miss?'' Natalie innocently smiled, as if nothing happened a few minutes ago.


''Don't yes miss me, Natalie. What was that all about? You were always a good girl, what happened?'' I turned to face Natalie as she bit her lip down. I remember that was a thing she did when she was about to get angry.


''I-it was my fault miss.'' I tried taking the blame, because Natalie's punches are something to remember.


''Excuse me?'' The teacher looked surprised, but Natalie looked even more angry.


''I DON'T NEED YOUR BACK UP!'' She screamed in my face. I jumped back and looked up and down her body as though she was a peace of crap.


''Whoever said I was backing YOU up?'' I widened my eyes in sarcasm and she looked down knowing she took it a step too far.


''Er, detention, both of you, today!'' We both sighed and threw our arms up. I stormed out of the class hating Natalie even more now. All I did was try to help her and she fu***** throws it back in my face. I heard a door slam behind me but didn't turn around, knowing it was just it.


I entered my next lesson, science, but the teacher wasn't in there. And seeing as my popularity took a wrong turn thanks to that cun*, I stood up again and stood in front of the class. I made a load of paper balls, and before she came in I told everyone to make some. When Natalie finally came in, we all threw our paper at her, making her scream in shock. I rolled around on the floor, laughing at her and winking at the same time. She didn't stand up for herself though, instead she just looked down and went to her seat, settling down.


''Oi, bi*** decided to stop using her face-hole, eh?'' Molly chuckled, throwing another bunch of paper at her. I remember how me, Molly and Natalie used to be best friends. Me and Molly are still tight, not so much Lily who also used to be our friends too. Me and Molly would always laugh at how pathetic it is. I still haven't got over that we used to be so close. It still haunts me, but now to make up for it, we tease her. Just teasing, I wouldn't call it 'bullying' cause it's just a laugh nothing more.


After School*


I made my way over to the detention room, sulking slightly but it DID give my popularity a boost. Getting a detention is always a good boost, but apparently it's just me and Cun* Face tonight. I sighed and opened the door to the room to find Mr Cherr and Natalie already in there.


''Ah, finally, Mr Tomlinson. Take a seat, be talking.'' He smiled, before walking out. Seeing as it was probably Natalie's first time, she didn't know that the teacher always left instead of keeping an eye on us.


''L-Louis?'' It was nothing more than a whisper behind me, but it sent chills all the way up and down my back, making me turn around. ''D-do you still have it...'' She didn't need to explain what she meant, I already knew...The bracelet. And of course I still have it, no matter how 'bad boy' I am, I would never ever break a promise. I sighed and turned back around, nodding my head slightly.


''I have it, bi***! Now shut the fu** up and sit down!'' I growled, not even feeling the littlest bit of guilt in me. Of course being her friend was fun at times, but we were kids and back then, other people's opinion never mattered. It was always happy, happy, happy, nothing was realistic. We've grown up now, other people's opinions matter so bad, and it doesn't matter who you're friends with. But being seen with that little douche won't help.


''Thanks, Lou!'' She whispered, I think more to her self, but I heard it. I heard it loud and clear.


She called me Lou.

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