Don't Cry

Louis has always been the bad boy. The one with no emotion, but when it comes to love, a whole new side to Louis is proved to be there!

But what if he falls for the wrong one...


8. Matty, she loves you!

Natalie's POV


''Err, do you want M-Matt?'' I smiled up at her, and her eyes widened.


''NO!H-he hates me! I wasn't the s-sister he wanted. You were the perfect sister, I was never there for him! Nat, what if he hates me, what if he doesn't want to see m..."


''BELLE!" I screamed, grasping her shoulders tightly. ''" I whispered, before pulling her into a tight hug. She was shaking, but her arms held me close. I pulled back, grabbed her hand and started dragging her up to Matt's room.


Matt's POV


I heard foot steps racing up, but they weren't just Nat's clear, loud ones. I could hear simple, almost shy, one following. I brought my blanket to rest against my chin, shaking slightly. Then Nat came in with the lady who's always here for some reason. She had blue streaks in her hair and the rest was blonde. She was tall and wore a crop top which looked ripped, and some shorts. Her heels made her look taller than reality. My eyes widened as they both made their way over.


''Matt, I...I'm y-your, err, sister!" The woman said, placing a hand over mine. I wimpered a little as a spark ran through my veins.




Belle's POV


I felt it. There was a spark, and I know he could feel it too. I smiled down at our hands and then bent to kiss his forhead. But just before my lips contacted with his hot forehead, he ducked, pulling his hand out of my grip. Natalie's jaw dropped and she looked down in shame. I got up, the tears finally trailing slowly down each cheek.




"It's fine! I'll b-be in my r-room, sis!" I blew her a meaningless kiss before tracking to my room, and falling onto my bed. I let the tears fall at their own will.


Natalie's POV


"Matty! Are you OK?'' I bent down so that my face was level with his. he bobbed his head up and down shakily. ''Matt, she's our sister. We have to be nice to her, love, understand?"


"But she doesn't...know me?" It came out dangerously like a question, which broke my heart.


"No! Darling, she doesn't know you very well, so why don't you let her? She loves us, and we love her back." I insisted, before getting up and heading towards my own room.

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