Don't Cry

Louis has always been the bad boy. The one with no emotion, but when it comes to love, a whole new side to Louis is proved to be there!

But what if he falls for the wrong one...


2. I never did

Natalie's POV


After lunch, I had English with Mr Oakly. This lesson wasn't too bad, seeing as I sat right at the back of the classroom, avoiding any stares. A few people would turn around every other minute and giggle, probably having seen the picture. The lesson went slower than I expected, so I rested my head on the desk, my eyes soon fluttering closed.




A loud ringing sound burst through my ears, frightening me awake. I looked around to see people packing up, ready to leave. I looked down at my desk, and saw a few sticky notes stuck to it. My hands shook violently, as I flipped through all the hate messages.


No one likes you


Go burn in hell


Cool shoes mate, do they come in cool?


Bad hair...YEAR?


You are just a slut that no one gives a sh** about, just go fu** yourself!!!


But the worst one literally made my heart sink to a lowness I didn't even know existed!


Hey spazzyyy! At least being a spaz is better than bald, huh?


Straight away, I knew who it was...Louis!


You see, Louis and me, we were tight. Best friends. Almost siblings. But Niall Horan came to our school and turned Louis around, now he's not MY Louis, he hates me, I hate him...


I think?




Me and Louis were sat in an ice cream shop, licking our ice creams when a huge smile spread across his face.


''What's wrong? You look like a zombie!'' I giggled, doing an imitation of a dead zombie, winning glares and stares from other customers.


''You and me... we are going to be bestestestest friends for EVER...right?''


''Of course! For ever, ever, ever, EVER!'' I threw my hands up in the air, gaining even more stares from people! An even bigger grin flashed across his face. He quickly threw his hands in his pockets, fishing for something, before pulling them back out. In one of his hands was a neon pink bracelet for girls with half a heart saying BEST on it, with little bits of pink string dangling down in all the right places. In the other hand was a metal colored one with half a heart saying FRIENDS on it. I had little bits of blue WIRE sticking out in all the right places.


A huge grin spread across MY face, as I slipped on the bracelet, promising NEVER to take it off. He promised, too...




A few tears manged to slip out of my eyes as I rolled my sleeves up and looked down at the bracelet.


How come HE took it off.


I never did!

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