Don't Cry

Louis has always been the bad boy. The one with no emotion, but when it comes to love, a whole new side to Louis is proved to be there!

But what if he falls for the wrong one...


4. Belle

Natalie's POV


As soon as I opened the door to my house, I could hear whimpering from upstairs. I dropped my bag to the floor, before pounding up the stairs to my brother's room.


''Mathew?'' I choked out when I found him lying in bed, crying his eyes out. I rushed over to his side and stroked his little bald head.


Remember the note from Louis earlier? By bald, he meant Matt, my brother. See, my brother has cancer, I don't know what type, as my parents wouldn't tell me. But then, a month after knowing that he was diagnosed, both my parents ran away. They just left in the middle of the night. I remember looking out of the window and watching them rev out of our front garden.Just before they completely disappeared, my dad looked up at my window and his eyes locked with mine, before mouthing,


''I am sorry!'' 


Ever since, they never came back, nor did they call, nor did they visit. Nothing, they just left and forgot about us. I cried myself to sleep every night, trying hard not to let Mathew hear. But now, it was HIM crying and it tore me to pieces to see him like this.


''I want mummy!'' He cried into my shoulder, sniffing ever now and then. My eyes widened and I dropped my gaze to the floor, holding back the tears.


''Matty, they're gone. No more more daddy!'' I forced a smile onto my plain lips, trying to convince him that it's normal for parents to abandon kids. Now, me and Matt live alone, apart from our older sister, who's only ever home at night, the rest of the time, she's either sleeping with some poor victim, or drinking her heart out and partying all night.


Her name? I don't know. Weird, not knowing your own sister's name, but that's not all I don't know about her. I don't know what her real hair color is, or how old she is. I don't know if me and her are blood related or not. I know nothing about her, but you can't blame me when she never speaks to me and Matt when she's home. Which is hardly ever, as she's mostly sleeping round someone else's house.


''Can we find them? Pweaseee, Natty?'' He grabbed both of my hands and faked a puppy dog face. I sighed and got up, not saying a word. I didn't trust my voice, in case I broke down in front of Matt. I shook my head and headed straight for my room, locking myself in there for the rest of the day.


Louis' POV


It was getting dark and I was still out with my friends, Jamie, Conner, and Belle. We always hung around, apart from Belle as she is a little bit older than us, and doesn't even go to our school.


''How's ya bro?'' I brought up the subject of her brother, as her face fell.


''I wish I was there for him more, but I guess my sis is responsible enough.'' She shrugged, swigging down another shot from the big glass of vodka  resting on the big black bin.


''How come you never tell us her name?'' Jamie frowned, making us all realize she never told us about her siblings' names. She shrugged again and threw herself at me, gluing her lips to mine. At first it caught me off guard, but then I started enjoying it and started kissing back. My tongue traced her bottom lip, begging for entrance, which she soon allowed, letting my tongue explore her mouth. I grabbed her purple died hair and pulled at it as her hands ran through my once neat quiff, which probably was all messed up now. When I felt as though I couldn't breath, I pulled back, gasping loudly, her doing the same. She smiled cutely before blushing and looking down. I put a finger under her chin and forced her eyes to meet mine, before winking and slapping her ass from behind. I roared with laughter and everyone else joined before she slapped me playfully and giggled. Damn does that giggle kill me.


Am I really developing a crush on my best mate... Belle? When we touch, I feel electrocuted, when we kissed a minute ago, I feel fireworks, or maybe even just bombs, exploding around in my head. When she smiles, I feel butterflies in my stomach and my brain completely shuts down, allowing me to fully study her.


I was interrupted by someone snapping their fingers right up close to my face, making me jump back.


''Dude, what's wrong with ya?'' Conner frowned, before chuckling loudly.


''N-nothing, shut up, Conner.'' I swatted his hand away from my face, and turned around taking a puff from my fag.


''Well, I better go. Got football practice tomorrow and I need to wake up like, well early.'' Jamie sighed, jumping off the bin and giving us all man hugs. Apart from Belle, she got a right kiss on the lips, as his hands rested on her ass. I felt a pang of jealousy and felt the need to just go home and sort my brain out.


If anyone found out that I have a crush on someone and NOT just to get in their pants, then THERE GOES MY POPULARITY and with it, my sanity. I sighed and turned back around.


''Same, I better go too. Real tired, like.'' I faked a yawn and went straight home, not bothering for any man hugs or any butt feeling. I need my bed right now, and for once, I wanted it with just ME in it. I fixed my hair back into it's quiff, before finally arriving home. I opened the front door and jumped in, bolting to the toilet. I ran around until I found mouth fresheners and tipped loads into a cup. I took many swigs of it, pushing it around my mouth before spitting it out. I did that same thing three times before heading back out of the toilet innocently.


''Louis? Is that you?'' I heard my mum groan, clearly only just waking up. I faked my sleeping voice and replied with a bold yes, before jumping straight into bed, not bothering to change.





I was in the cinema, with my arm around a girl. The girl looked a lot like Belle, yet much younger, maybe our age? Her hair wasn't died and she wore no make up. She didn't wear anything slutty, in fact, she wore a plain white T-shirt tucked into some comfy looking chinos. Her hair was tied up in a neat pony tail and her head was leaning against my shoulder. I turned around to face her, and she did the same, and soon enough, we were both leaning in. Closer, closer, closer...  Just before we were touching, a girl's shadow burst through the cinema doors, yet me and that girl were the only ones to notice her, or see her. The shadow moved closer and closer to us, until she was staring right down at me. I still couldn't see her face, yet her lips were stumbling all over mine. I could tell the other girl next to me was crying, fading away. Until she wasn't there any more. Then I saw the face of the shadow...





I woke up sweating and panting heavily. What the actual hell was up with these dreams lately. I've been having so many like them, yet they were always different, and always with the same two girls. I brushed it off my shoulder and tried getting back to sleep.

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