Shoot to Kill. (On hold)

Rhyan was your typical fifteen year old up until two years ago. That's when everything changed. That's when the Infection broke out.


2. Chapter Two


Chapter Two


POV: Rhyan


When I lead them into the kitchen and Rosie see’s whose behind me. She goes from scared to livid faster than someone with a split personality disorder.  

“You scared the living daylights out of me!” Rosie scowls at him. She barely comes up to my shoulder yet I’m more scared of her than I am of Jason and he’s like a wall, the sheer size of him is unnatural. But she doesn’t scare me now as I’m not on the receiving end of her wrath.    

“Have you not realised that Ry could have shot you?” Rosie’s voice raises up a level, I wince knowing soon we’re going to have company, and we do.

“Rhyan?” Her little head pokes round the door, all eyes, including the six sons go to her.

“Hey bubs. What are you doing up so early?” I ask after reading the clock as five am.  

“Why is everyone staring at me?” I don’t know why whispers it, but it makes me chuckle. She smiles when I do and comes over to where I’m sitting on the kitchen counter.

“I couldn’t sleep. The noise woke me up.” She scowls slightly but it disappears as her thoughts move onto soothing else. “What are we doing today?” She asks, completely forgetting about everyone staring at her.

“I don’t know.”     

I look towards Rosie; she’s glaring at Gerald but turns to me after hearing Emily.

“Emily, you’re going to help pick the blackberries again while Ry goes and gets supplies from the city.”

Emily pouts but then brightens. “Can I go with Ry instead?”


She jumps from my outburst, hurt marring her pretty features before the tears gather in her eyes. I sigh before climbing down from the counter and crouching in front of her. “It’s not that I don’t want you there bubs, but it’s too dangerous. I want you here safe and sound, anyway, you love picking blackberries and when I get back I’ll come down and help.”

She nods before hugging me and running out the room, mostly to get changed. I wait until Emily’s out of range before turning on Rosie.

“What the hell! I never get supplies! Why do you have to send me? Can’t Jason go instead?” Shaking her head, she busies herself round the kitchen, avoiding my gaze altogether. “Jason is staying to help with the generators and although Mike, Tom and Sabrina have gone on their own before, I don’t them making the journey on their own, there’s been more infected around here than there usually is.”

“Yeah, I know! I got chased by four of them yesterday! And London is two hours away! I’ll be gone six maybe seven hours! What if something happens to Emily? I’ll be too far away and I won’t know if something’s wrong because, hey ho! No phones anymore! She may be the only family I have left. Please Rosie! Send someone else!”  

She stops what she’s doing and stares down at the counter top. It feels like forever till she finally nods. “Okay, though you are a little dramatic I can see your point.” She sends me a sly look and I can’t help but smile. “Fine! I’ll go, Georgia can take my place today, Frank hers and then you can go hunt again instead.” She takes on a pleased look and I can’t help roll my eyes. I know she’s twisted it just so I have to hunt again, I doubt what happened yesterday will happen again but still, I’m slightly jumpy.

I give her a hug and thank her before heading towards the door.

“When are you going to leave?” Without looking at her I answer. “As soon as it’s light enough!” I sprint up the stairs before going up the second flight to Emily and mine’s room. Emily’s sitting crossed legged on the floor, her eyes downcast on her meagre choice of clothes.

“Hey bubs, I’m not going, I’m going to stay instead. I have to go hunting but as soon as I’ve got enough, I’ll come help you.”

She doesn’t say anything as she looks down at her choice of clothes. A pair of shorts, two pairs of jeans and three t-shirts, one long sleeved and two short sleeved. They don’t fit her as well as they should, but they’re all we could get as we have to get clothes for everyone. I’ve managed to hang onto clothes that I brought with me, but the kids aren’t as lucky as they’ve grown.

“We should have electricity later, if the guys do it right.” Still, she doesn’t respond.

I sigh and change quickly into jeans and a tank top. It one of the ones I brought with me and I have to pull the hem up to expose my stomach to stop my bra showing. I lace my boots up tightly before running a brush through my wild hair. Just now realising what I looked like in front of the new guys. Not that I paid my attention to them, in fact, I didn’t pay any.

I braid my red hair before tying a band round it and after one last look towards Emily, leave to go back down stairs.

The atmosphere in the kitchen has changed drastically. Panic and unease hangs thickly in the air like smog.

“What going on?” My eyes land on Tyler. He’s become my best friend, he’s older than me at nineteen, but at times doesn’t act it.

“The wall running along the woods has fallen down, we can’t fix it because we used up all the bricks we had fixing the last one, and we don’t have enough cement either. Nobody’s going for supplies or hooking up generators until we have this wall is up.”

“How bad is it?” I ask, leaning back against the counter. The cold marble coming into contact with my bare skin makes me jump and cause goose bumps to come up all over my arms.

Tyler smirks, obviously finding it amusing. “Pretty bad, so back in fact, that we need to sweep the grounds to make sure none got in before letting any of the younger ones out.”

“Something has to of got in if the wall’s down.”

He nods in agreement. “You’re ri-”

The sound of glass shattering and a scream cuts through the room.

“Emily!” I race down the hall, closely followed by Tyler and into the end dining room. An Infected man is advancing on Emily, who’s backed up against a wall. He takes no notice of me when I burst into the room. He too close to Emily. I don’t think. I sprint across the room and tackle him as he grabs hold Emily. I break his hold on her and manage to put myself between them, though he overpowers me and I fall to the ground with him over me. I struggle to keep his snapping jaw away from my face and neck but then, he’s not there. He’s being hauled up from behind by one of the sons and before I can prepare myself, the son’s put a bullet in his head.

I stare in shock at the son, but he just drops the body to the ground and offers me hand. I take it and he pulls me to my feet with ease. “Thank you.” I say earnestly, because not many people would have been able to do that.

“You welcome, Rhyan?” He asks with a quirk to his eyebrow.


I’m interrupted by Tyler shoving my handgun in my hand. “Come on.” He climbs out the broken window before turning back to me. “Jump, I’ll catch you.”

Looking down on him, make me think of a scene from a book. “Romeo, Romeo, where thor art thou Romeo!” Burst out laughing before jumping down and landing in his arms.

He grins as he sets me down. “That makes you Juliet.”

I smirk as I take the safety off my gun. “You wish!” Pausing, I look at the height of the window. “How the hell did it climb up?”

He barely glances at the window. “Dunno. Come on.”

We creep around the perimeter of the house, keeping close to the structure. We’re about to head back inside to make a plan when I hear it. I grab hold of Tyler and stop him from going round the corner. I gesture to my ear and he frowns. It takes a moment but he nods when he hears it as well. He rounds the corner, raises his gun and instantly starts firing.

Movement cause me to look behind me. Too close. I fire but its flailing arm knocks the gun and the shot goes wide.  Before I can bring the gun back up, it rush’s me and we both go down. This time though, I have my gun. I manage to lift its small body and wedge my knee between us. One shot is all it takes to make it go still. I toss the body away and bounce to my feet.   

“Rhyan!” I turn in time to catch the keys to the four by four. “Take Rosie, Emily, Jay and whoever else is in the house down to mine. They’ll be safer. Oh! And stay with them!” Nodding, I run round the back of the house, firing shots until my magazine is empty.

Rosie’s standing on the landing with a rifle when I round the corner. She tosses me a couple of magazine as I go past. I toss the empty one back and reload the magazine after shoving the spare in the waistband of my jeans.

The four by four is parked outside the garage and standing beside it is the son that saved me from an early death. I jump in the driver’s seat and start it up as he gets into the passenger seat.

“I never caught your name.” He glances at before returning his gaze back out the open window.

“I never said my name.”

Frowning, I don’t say another word.

When I pull up to the back door, they pile in while Mr No Name covers them. The drive to Tyler’s is quite and void of any infected. By the time we reach the house, I’m almost able to breathe better.

My door opens and I spin to find Daniel. “Oh god! You scared me!” I jump out and he unexpectedly hugs me. “You okay? Is everyone okay?”

“At the moment yeah, why are you so shook up? What’s happened?”

He looks at me as if I’m crazy. “There are infected running round our back garden and you’re asking me what’s wrong?”

“Guys! Come on! We’ve got a huge problem on our hands!”

I watch with an open mouth as the barn and chicken coup burn like torches.

Daniel clenches his jaw when he sees it and curses when a guy comes into view. He’s carrying a can of petrol, dressed in a black hoodie with a scarf covering his mouth.

“We’re dealing with infected because we’re being looted.”  

“We have to stop them!” I go to open the back door but Daniel stops me.

“It’s too late and we’re out gunned. You know it, Ry.”

“So we’re going to do what? Just sit here and let them burn everything we’ve worked hard for?” I spit out through gritted teeth.


I yank my arm out of his grasp as I turn to storm back into the living room. “I can’t just sit here and let them steal our s-”

“You think I like it? You don’t think I feel the exact same way you do?” He looms over me, his face inches from mine. Our breaths dance together as I narrow my eyes.

“I’m not going to just sit here.” I shove him away and out of my personal space before heading towards the front door. “Though you better, you know, sit on the eggs and all.”

Mr No Name catches the door before it closes and follows me to the car.

Putting the car into drive, I place both my hands on the wheel and wait. Waiting for whatever Mr No Name has to say. When it’s silent for too long, I snap.

“What? You’re not going to say anything?” A slight feeling of regret surfaces; it’s not his fault.  

“Kaidan.” His murmur is said to the gun in his hand as he examines it.

“Sorry?” I start moving the car forward, only to have to brake quickly as Xavier runs in front of the car with his hands raised.

“It’s my name!” He throws the car door open and climbs out before I can say anything else.

I step out the car but keep myself partially inside, just in case someone comes and decides to come and join our little get together.  

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