The Suicide Note

Depression can hit a lot of individuals. Damaging their self-esteem and themselves. It makes them want to end it and through what?


Anabeth Simmons is one of who are damaged because of depression. She has never told anyone about it. Not her parents or bestfriend. No one. She was bullied, teased and made fun of every single day. She feels worthless and invisible. She feels like her voice is never heard. So why can't she just end her life? It's not like anyone's going to care and maybe, they will be happy that she's finally gone. So she will do it. Suicide. She's going to jump off the bridge in hope that her depression will finally end.

Will she be saved? Or is she going to die?


1. The Suicide Note

The Ridge Falls’ famous bridge was built a long time ago by Arber Ridge, the founder of this small provincial town. It was neither that big nor long but it was very sturdy and the crisp wind always bellowed softly there. A lot of the townspeople would head there to admire the great view of the canyons and the small waterfall at the middle of it. It was already midnight and the town clock’s alarm echoed eerily around the town. Houses were quiet for the people living in it were sound asleep, not knowing what was going on at the bridge. Anabeth Simmons was standing at the edge railings of the bridge, staring down at the harsh currents of the wide river. Her hands were shaking and the wind seemed harsh on her face. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying. Anabeth took a long and solemn breath. This is for the best I guess, she said to herself. Her parents were out of town as usual. She didn’t expect them to read the note she left before she will try to jump off the bridge. She shrugged the thought off; making her more depressed than she already is and had been all her life. She felt bad not telling Sierra Holland, her best friend and practically her only friend. Her note said: Mom, Dad, You might be wondering why you are seeing this note or why am I not in the house. By the time you read this note, I may be dead already. This is pretty much a suicide note. I am off to jump off the bridge. You may or may not have found my body but it doesn’t matter. You guys don’t know but I am the classic depressed teenager. Barely any friends and is labelled as a freak. All these I’ve taken it in and just kept smiling but I can’t stand it anymore. I’m sorry I didn’t meet your expectations. Thanks for everything though and sorry. Anabeth Anabeth gave a slight laugh at the memories of her depression. Her hands began to slowly let go of the railings. As she was about to fall, someone took her hand and abruptly pulled from the edge and then she landed on the bridge’s floor on her back hard. She groaned slightly. “What are you doing?!” she screamed. She got up and patted off the dust off her shirt. Her head was down, not seeing the person’s face. “Can’t you see a suicidal person when you see one?” she said, looking at the person. It was Jesse Richter, the school’s most popular guy. He seemed angry. His blonde hair contrasted harmoniously with moon’s beam. His deep blue eyes showed a lot of rage and his handsome face cocked a little to the side. His muscled arms crossed. “What am I doing?” he said fiercely “, what are you doing at the edge of the bridge?” Anabeth threw her hands at the air. “Isn’t it obvious enough?” Anabeth cried out, tears threatening to come out of her eyes “I’m committing suicide; I can’t stand living my crappy life anymore.” Jesse’s hands freed to the side. Anabeth started to sniffle. “What about your parents and Sierra?” Jesse said. “I left my parents a note” Anabeth said. Jesse thrust his hands into his pockets and then held out a piece of paper. Anabeth’s eyes widened. “Is this the note?” he said. “W-why do you have that?” she asked, stammering. He approached her closer, dropping the note on the bridge’s floor. He took her shoulders with both hands and hugged her. Anabeth’s eyes were filled with confusion. Why would he notice a loser like me? Her mind pondered. “W-what are you doing?” she asked, stammering even more than awhile ago. Jesse placed his chin on her head, tightening his grip on her like he was afraid that if he let go, he would never see her again. “Six years” he said suddenly. “Huh?” Anabeth said, getting more confused. Jesse laughed through her hair. It made Anabeth feel nervous, sending little shivers down her spine. “That’s how long I had a major crush on you” he answered. Anabeth slowly pulled away from him. Jesse loosened his grip on her. She noticed his cheeks were becoming red though her cheeks were also already red, very red. “What?” she said in disbelief. “You heard me,” Jesse said “I love you Anabeth Simmons” “Don’t joke with me, Jesse” “But I’m not,” he said, cocking his head a little to the side then placed his fingers in his jacket’s pockets “you don’t believe me?” “Hah! No one would believe that,” Anabeth cried out “you, the superstar and Mr. Perfect likes me, a loser labelled as a freak and barely any friends?” “You’re right,” he said “maybe others won’t believe me but it’s all true, Anabeth” Anabeth bit her lip. She clenched her fist tightly that her knuckles turned pale. “Don’t play with me” Anabeth said, her heart beating abnormally fast. Jesse approached her once more. “Who’s playing, Anabeth?” he said in a husky voice. Anabeth thought she swallowed her heart hearing those words. Who’s playing, Anabeth? Those are very dangerous words to say to her and at the same time very important. “You” she countered hesitantly. Jesse laughed. He squatted down on the bridge’s floor then Anabeth followed. “Prove it then” she said. “That I love you?” Jesse said, a crooked smile forming on his lips. Anabeth nodded. “Well then,” Jesse said, his grin getting wider “better not regret it” Anabeth swallowed hard. Her chest was getting heavy and her mind dangerously confused. Awhile ago, she was a depressed teenager that was about to kill herself, bout now? She’s with the hottest guy at her school who just confessed that he loves her and prove it to her through who knows what. Jesse leaned to her face. Anabeth could’ve sworn that her heart almost stopped beating. His lips touched her quivering lips softly. His eyes were closed savouring the kiss. Anabeth’s eyes widened at first but then slowly closed as the kiss prolonged. His lips felt warm against her cold lips. It felt right. Jesse pulled away from her slowly and regrettably. He grinned as he stared at her flushed expression. “Well?” he said “did I prove it already or do you need more proof because I’ll gladly give it” Anabeth shook her head slightly. “Signed and proved” Anabeth said. Jesse laughed. “Man,” Jesse said “and here I thought I could kiss you again or maybe you want me to do it again?” Anabeth’s face flushed even more then she slapped his arm. Jesse laughed even more. “You’re not denying it though” he teased. “Shut up” she replied abruptly but clearing not denying the fact that she actually want to be kissed by him again. She groaned with frustration. Jesse still kept on laughing. “Since when did you even notice me?” Anabeth asked. “Since the day I moved,” Jesse began “you know, that boy who wears a black hood and goes to the park, swinging on a swing alone and no one would bother to come because I looked intimidating” Anabeth’s eyes widened. “That was you?” she said in disbelief. Jesse nodded. “I changed a lot since you’ve became my playmate that time” he continued. “You’ve never said your name” “Guess I was a bit shy and all” “Then you just disappeared and left me” The atmosphere became cold and quiet. Anabeth still kept waiting to hear his answer. She did remember that boy. She never forgot about him. Since high school started, she kept on thinking about her old, mysterious playmate that just suddenly disappeared like dust blown by the wind. She never knew his name then, but she knew now and she couldn’t believe it. It’s too much to take in at once. “Since I became ‘popular’,” Jesse began to explain with a dangerous soft voice “I was caught up with varsity practices and all” “Then how about when you were free?” Anabeth said, anger rising inside her “I kept on waiting for that boy, for you but you never came then I started to get depressed with all those who bullied and teased me” “I thought you were fine with Sierra” “Well you thought wrong!” she cried then buried her head in her hands. “I’m sorry,” Jesse said softly, leaning toward her “I was a coward, Anabeth, a chicken even” “You were? You are!” Anabeth exclaimed. Jesse smiled sadly. “I am and I’m using all my courage to confess to you and...” “What?” “I’m asking you to forgive me,” Jesse said “a second chance” Anabeth’s breathing became heavy. Should she forgive him? The mysterious playmate whom she used to have fun with? Should she? Does she dare? Her mind is in circles. She thought about her life. For the first time, she thought about what her parents would feel, how Sierra would feel. What would they feel when they would have seen her lifeless body floating on the river below Arber Bridge. “You saved me,” Anabeth said “you deserve a chance” “Thank God,” Jesse exasperated “and I promise you that I’ll make the best of it this time” “What’s that supposed to mean?” she said, puzzled. “You know the saying ‘action speaks louder than words?” Jesse asked. Anabeth nodded nervously. “Well then...” Jesse said then leaned closer to her. He kissed her softly on the lips. Sparks were flying inside Anabeth. Jesse then pulled her closer to him. They pulled away from each other when they heard a sudden car shriek. Their heads flung towards the direction of the sound and they quickly stood up. A figure was emerging from the shadows. She recognized that figure immediately. Her eyes widened in shock and confusion. Sierra? Sierra arrived at the bridge in no less than a minute. Sierra flung her hands around Anabeth. “Anabeth!” Sierra screamed “you scared me to death! I thought we’d be too late and lost you already” Sierra loosened her grip on Anabeth then turned to Jesse. “Thank you” Sierra said to Jesse. “Thank you?” Anabeth said, confused. “If it wasn’t for Jesse, I wouldn’t know that you would try to jump off a bridge!” Sierra cried. Anabeth’s eyes bulged. She turned to Jesse who was smiling bashfully. “You told her?” Anabeth asked. “Well, yeah,” Jesse said “she deserves to know since she is your best friend” “That’s right!” Sierra exclaimed, tears coming out of her eyes “you should’ve told me that you had a problem, you not telling me is making me feel like a terrible friend” “I’m sorry” Anabeth said then hugged Sierra tightly. Anabeth felt a vibration then pulled away from Sierra. Sierra reached for her pocket and pulled out her cell phone. She stared the caller’s ID for a moment then gave it to Anabeth. “It’s your parents” Sierra announced. Anabeth felt that her breath was cut off short. She took the phone with shaking hands. “H-hello?” she said, stuttering. It almost took a half hour to calm her parents down. She keeps on convincing that she didn’t jump off the bridge. They kept blaming themselves. Anabeth couldn’t bear to hear the pain engulfed in their voices. They almost bought a ticket back to Ridge Falls. She finally convinced them that she will let Sierra sleep over. Sierra offered to sleep over at her house since her parents are also out of town. Jesse also wanted to tag along. With that, she finally ended the long conversation with her parents. Anabeth sighed deeply. Sierra went ahead first to get the car ready but Anabeth knows that she had another motive. She can’t believe it but she’s actually going to thank Sierra later! Anabeth and Jesse walked side by side. Jesse slowly took hold of Anabeth’s hand and squeezed it tight. “Don’t do it again” he said. “Try committing suicide?” she said teasingly. “I’m not joking” Jesse said sternly. Anabeth smiled at his seriousness. “I promise” she said. They headed towards the car then went inside. Sierra drove while Jesse and she were at the back seat. She laid her head on Jesse’s strong shoulders while he rested his head on top of hers. Jesse fell asleep. His breathing was deep and even. Anabeth stared at him for a moment and smiled. She then closed her eyes and waited for sweet sleep to slowly consume her. She opened her eyes for a moment to look at the Arber Bridge as they passed by it and saw the suicide note she wrote to her parents being blown by the wind and was harshly pulled down to the strong currents of the river, never to be seen again. Anabeth smiled faintly then closed her eyes once more. She was glad that Jesse found the note. If it wasn’t for him, she’d be dead by now. She fell asleep and dreamed about the thousand of possibilities she would have tomorrow. Be it good or bad as long as Jesse is beside her. Always.
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