Wrecking ball


1. In Ireland 🇮🇹

Nialls  POV

So I landed in Ireland this morning! I'm here waiting in the airport, for my mum and sister Emily Anne. 

Hey, have you seen a purple wallet laying around? Asked a girl named Ally

she was the most beautiful girl I have seen! Her sparlkely brown eyes, her PERFECT tan she had the most beautiful brown curly hair.  Her sweet American accent hit me right there ( *whispers*  what me boner pshhhhhh)

I stuttered n-no, but I can help you look.

Okay thanks! She said excitedly 


Ally's POV

His name was Niall, he had that perfect blond hair and don't even get me started on his accent! I instantly fell in love!   


Hey ba- I mean Ally is this it? Niall said confused and a bit sext

YES YES YES  thank you sooo much Niall, I owe you one! 

Nialls POV

Oh  my god!! Did I almost called her babe?!?! 

I suddenly glanced over and saw a wallet and asked if it was hers

UES YES UES thank you sooo much I owe you one! I got back from her 

*ring ring* 


Niall baby how are ya lad? 

Fine ma you? 

Good, good! Me and E are on our way up.

okay ma luv ya bye I ended the conversation.  

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