Our small hurricane

This movella is strictly for john green fans who've read the fault in our stars and looking for alaska. Alaska and Augustus who are now in golden gates (a waiting room between hell and heaven where you wait for god or Satin to take you) together are living out there own small infinite with each other, but what happens when Satin comes for Alaska to take her to hell. What will Augustus do to save his love in heaven since he left his love on earth? Will Hazel and Miles ever join them in Golden Gates? Will Augustus even go to Heaven?


1. Alaska's arrival

Augustus Waters

         I sat down in the golden bean bag chair and waited for the new arrival at golden gates. I grabbed a coffee from the white cloud like desk and set it down in mid air. I slouched in the bean bag and looked around to see if Hazel would ever join me. It had been a year since the lat day I spent with Hazel I've seen so many people come and go in here but I still haven't been "chosen". I grabbed my latte and took a sip. I looked around from Hazel, but I didn't see her. I waited for the new arrival for another hour just sitting there sipping my coffee. I gave up and walked over to the looking room. I paid fifty cents and looked down on Hazel Grace. I watched her for a while and smiled. I sent a message down from the golden gates waiting room to her a month ago and she never said anything about it. I sighed loudly and walked back to the bean bag chair. I guess I missed the new arrival because I looked over and I saw a girl sitting where I was sitting in pink shorts and a tight blue tank top. I couldn't stop looking at her she seemed so mysterious and not afraid of anything. I walked over and sat next to her.  

"I'm Augustus Waters died from cancer. And you are?"

"I'm Alaska Young. It's nice to meet you Augustus. I died from suicide."

"oh well why'd you kill yourself?" I asked 

"well I saw my opportunity so I took it. I wouldn't say I'm mad I did it but I guess u could say I regret it just a little bit but not much."

"well did u have anyone you know special back on earth?"

"well miles and jake were both amazing but I really couldn't tell you honestly who I loved what about you?"

"well I left behind a girl with thyroid and she was my world her name was Hazel_Grace Landcaster. God I loved her so much. It's a tragedy to think our Infinite wasn't very but ya know?"

"yea I get it. I guess I do regret it. I mean I love miles and jake I miss them so much. I wish I could go back but it's to late."

"well it was nice chatting with you but I'm going to go lay down for a small nap."

"we should talk later"

"oh we will" I said and I walked away to my bedroom. I collapsed on my bed and slept dreaming of Hazel grace and how much I missed her. I cried a little then wrote the word "okay" in blue sharpie across the walls of my room.

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