Love Me, Love Me Not

when 15 year old Kaila meets 16 year old Liam Payne thing change from bad to good...... or is it the other way around????


5. sorry not a chapter

so a lot people have been emailing me saying how horrible my story is and that i should end it and never write again

i was just wondering you you guys could tell me and give me your opinion on my story like tell me if i should stop right now and never write again or if i should continue it cuz if everyone is gonna hate on it then i will stop writing i just need to know if im that bad




anywho how are you guys feeling about the whole liam payne, tyler okely fued 

i think it is just stupid cuz its all the journalist fault so i think the two should go after the journalist and not each other 



anyways sorry about my rant i shall leave you alone.... for now BYEEEEEE

~~~~ kaila ~~~~

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