Love Me, Love Me Not

when 15 year old Kaila meets 16 year old Liam Payne thing change from bad to good...... or is it the other way around????


4. So tell me about yourself

Kaila's P.O.V


We started walking to music which was in room B7. While we were walking i thought i would try to get to know Liam better. "So Liam tell me about yourself" i said tryin to break the silence. "Well what do you wanna know about me?", "Well do you have any siblings? Or are you an only child" i asked "I actually have two sisters, what about you are you an only child or no?" he said. i thought for a minute, should i tell him about micheal. No i can't, that would bring up bad memories. "No" i just simply stated. "Well here we are, room B7, ladies first." he said opening the door for me while i said thank you.

~ skip to the end of day~

As the bell rang to go home i got out of my chair walking out of class. I was ready to go home, my first day and i have already made an enemy. Chloe, some cheerleader, saw Liam walking me to class and she came up to me calling my a skank i think, then told me stay away from Liam. What was up her butt? Anyways i started walking home when i got a text from my best friend back in California (i moved alot dont judge me) asking how i was. (c=caila , k=kaila)

c: hay girlie how are you long time no talk cx

k: ugh ikr sorry i've just been busy with the move xc, anyway im good wbu

c: im good hey have you met anyone cute at ur new skool yet ;)?

k: maybe, idk i just met him and he looks nice but i have a bad feeling

c: lol watevs gurl u say that about everyone hahaha

k: WAT i do not! hehehe i gtg ttyl gurlie luv ya

c: kk bye bay ttyl

After caila and I's convo i headed up to my room. My parents still weren't home so i had the house to myself for awhile. I was on twitter checking out whats goin on when suddently im mentioned in a tweet by.... CHLOE! it read: hey everyone look at miss ugly trying to get with my man, hahaha you make me laugh he dont want you so back off @kaykay (fake twitter). well someone is a little to obssed with Liam ha i dont even like him. Right? 

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