Love Me, Love Me Not

when 15 year old Kaila meets 16 year old Liam Payne thing change from bad to good...... or is it the other way around????


1. First day

Kaila's P.O.V.


             "Honey get up, you're gonna be late"

            "Coming Chloe". Great, school time. It's my first day in this school and i hate it. I just hope its not like the other schools. Yeah im not one of those people you would like to hang out with. I'm bullied because i guess no one likes me. I dont know why so dont ask but yeah. I hope i atleast make one friend cuz back when i lived in the states i had no one. i was all alone, i mean holy shit my own mother didnt want me, i guess my pain was just to much for her.

I get up and put on some ripped skinny jeans and an old Beatles shirt. I straighten my hair and apply some masscara and lipgloss. What dont judge me, I dont like make-up that much. i put my Vans and beanie on and head downstairs. Chloe (BEST SISTER EVER) was down in the kitchen making my favorite breakfast ever CHOCOLATE CHIP PANCAKES!!!! (k=kaila, c=chloe)


c: morning kay your plates on the table

k: thanks chloe

I go sit down and eat my food when i notice the time.its all ready 7:15 'DAMMIT' i thought " bye chloe i have to go imma be late" i said " have a good day, call me if you need anything" and with that i grab my skateboard and leave. I make it to school and i can already feel everyone's eyes on me. I just shake it off and head to the office to find out my classes.

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