Love Me, Love Me Not

when 15 year old Kaila meets 16 year old Liam Payne thing change from bad to good...... or is it the other way around????


2. First day continued

Liam's P.O.V.


        I was at my locker, talking to my friends Louis, Harry, Niall, and Zayn when i see the most beautiful looking girl walk through the doors of the school. She looked so beautiful in her beanie and Beatles shirt. She also looked unfamiliar so i think she was new here. She walk to the office and i could tell she was shaking off the fact that everyone's eyes were one her.

"Liam, Liam, LIAM!!!!!" someone screamed in my ear, "AHHHH..... LOUIS WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT", " you kinda spaced out, you ok?", "uh... um... yea i'm fine" i said still thinking about the new kid. I had to know her name. I just hope she is at least in one of my classes.


Kaila's P.O.V.


              I walked to the office and went straight to the lady at the front desk. I didnt want to disturb her cuz she was in the middle of a conversation on the phone so i sat down and waited. After what seemed like forever i heard the lady at the desk ask what i needed. I had told her i was new and that i needed my schedule. She said "Absolutly" and handed me a piece of paper. I walked out into the hallway not having any idea where to go. I was staring down at my paper while walking when i bumped into someone. " I am soooo sorry i didnt see where i was going!", " its ok it was my fault i wasnt paying any attention" i looked up and saw the most beautiful looking guy staring right down at me. His chocolate brown eyes shinned in the light of the hall and his smile was soo amazing he looked like a model. I started to pick up my things and the stranger started to help me, He picked up my schedule and read it. " u go to music class for first hour?", " yea i like music a lot so it doesnt surprise me", " cool i'll walk you there i have that class to", " thanks. I'm Kaila by the way", "Liam", "nice to meet you Liam".

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