The Player

Hi, my name is Victoria, but my friends call me Tori, anyways my mom got a new job at California, Los angeles, so we are moving there, but what happens when the biggest player starts falling for me? read more to find out....


4. The neighbors

I went to my locker and got out my stuff. When suddenly a felt a pair a hands wrap around my waist and a sexy voice whisper in my ear "Hey beautiful". I turn and guess who I saw, if you said Justin the then you were right. "Hey" I said , "May i know who is this beautiful" he said, "Im Victoria, and you" i said, "Im Justin at your service" he said taking my hand kiss it. I couldn't help but blush just then someone interrupted us, "Tori, are you ready?". Justin and me turn our heads to where the voice came and it was Crystal. I took hand away from Justin hand said "Yep, ready lets go". We got out of school and went our separate ways. When I got out of the car and to the house."Mom I'm home!" I yell, "In the kitchen". I went to the kitchen  and saw my mom setting the table. "Mom, why are you setting the table for?" I ask. "Oh, because our neighbors from next door are coming to have dinner with us so we could know them better, so go get ready and wear something nice" "Okay" I said. I went to my room and to my closet to find something to wear. When I finally found a pretty dress I change into it since I did take a shower in the the morning. The dress look like this:

I went to the bathroom and curl my hair like this:

and my make up like this:

Just in time the doorbell rang. I took one last look at the mirror before heading downstairs. As I got to the bottom of the stairs my mom was opening the door. "Hi, welcome come in and make yourself at home" my mom said. A women with long brown hair came in then I saw someone I didn't expect,Justin. Our eyes met but we both look away. The women with long brown hair came up to me and said "Hi my name is Pattie and this is my son Justin", "Hi my name is Victoria but you could call me Tori" I said. "Okay, why would you and Justin go to your room while Pattie and I make the dinner", "Okay" I said. Oh god please that nothing happens. I went up the stairs Justin following me. I got to my room and open my door. I got in Justin following back, we got in my room. We just sat in my bed quietly, well this is awkward. "So since we're going to be neighbors we will be spending more time together" Justin said getting closer to me, I just back away a little but he just got closer. ''Do I may you nervous Tori?" he said getting even more closer, "Do I?" he whisper in my ear which make me shiver. "Kids, dinner is ready!" my mom yelled. Yes!!!, my mom save me.

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