The Player

Hi, my name is Victoria, but my friends call me Tori, anyways my mom got a new job at California, Los angeles, so we are moving there, but what happens when the biggest player starts falling for me? read more to find out....


2. The house

I woke up by mom shaking me, "Tori, wake up, we have landed". I open my eyes to see everyone leaving the plane. I got up from my seat and walk out of the plane with my mom and sister. We got our suit case and call a taxi. The taxi arrived and we hope in. My mom told the taxi driver our new address. The taxi driver started driving.

*25 minutes later*

We arrived to a beautiful house. It look like this:


"Wow!" my sister, Natalie said. My sister and me got out of the taxi while my mom paid the taxi driver. We got our suit case and enter the house. My sister and me explore the house. The furniture was already there. I found my room, It look like this:

and this is my closet:

and last my bathroom look like this:

I love this house! Its amazing! I put my things in place and went to bed because tomorrow was going to be a school day. Oh boy! can't wait for tomorrow. 

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