The Player

Hi, my name is Victoria, but my friends call me Tori, anyways my mom got a new job at California, Los angeles, so we are moving there, but what happens when the biggest player starts falling for me? read more to find out....


3. First day of school

"Buzzz! Buzzz!" my alarm wake me up. I turned my alarm clock off. I got my lazy body out of bed and went to the bathroom. I got my clothes off and into the shower. I let the water hit my body to wake me up. I wash my hair and body. I got my towel and dry off. I went to my room and got out this from my closet and put it on:

 and did my hair like this:

I went down the stairs into the kitchen to find a note it say

Dear Tori, I have to go to the job early i'll be back in the night. Can you take Natalie to school for me please? thank you, love mom.

Of course like always. I grab an orange and out to the living room. "Natalie are you ready?" I yelled ."Yes, im coming" Natalie yelled back. I heard  footsteps down the stairs. Natalie came and I grab my keys from my car and out we went to school. First I left Natalie at her new middle school then I went to my new high school. I got out of my car and enter the school. As soon as I enter the school I got all eyes on me. I just ignore them and went to the front office. "Excuse me, im a new student school here, my name is Victoria Castillo" I said to the lady in the front office. "Ah Ms.Castillo we were expecting you, here your schedule and your locker number and i'll call you someone to show you around the school" she said "Thank you" i said. The lady grab a microphone and said "Crystal Perez, please come to the front office, thank you"

*2 minutes later*

A girl came, she had brown/black hair and brown eyes just like me, she look like this:

 "Hi, im Crystal" she said holding her hand up for me shake it. I shake her hand and said "Hi my name is Victoria, but you could call me Tori". "Nice to meet you, want me to show you around?" she said."Yes please" I reply.

*20 minutes later*

Crystal and me had been talking a lot. We have a lot common things. I have a feeling we're going to be best friends. She show me around the school, it's pretty big. We got to science class, Crystal sat front row. i have to sit in the very back of the class next to a really cute boy. "Miss Castillo will you mind introduce yourself to the class please" Ms.Lasker said. "Of course" I got up from my desk and walked to the front of the class. "Hi my name is Victoria, i came from New York, I love shopping, parties, and hanging out with friends" and  with that i sat down. Classes went by fast, I had all my classes with my friend Crystal. We were walking down the hallway when Crystal ask me "You see that boy over there?". "Yeah" i said, "Well that's the biggest player of the school he's name is Justin, so be careful" and with that she went to her locker. The boy she said sat next to me in science, he look like this:


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