The Player

Hi, my name is Victoria, but my friends call me Tori, anyways my mom got a new job at California, Los angeles, so we are moving there, but what happens when the biggest player starts falling for me? read more to find out....


5. Dinner

Me and Justin went down the stairs and to the dining room. Pattie and my mom were already sitting at the table. I sat down and Justin sat next to me. We started all eating. *20 minutes later* I was full, I couldn't eat no more so I stop eating. When suddenly I felt a hand on my tight. I look down and it was Justin's hand. He started rubbing my tight and it felt so good. He started rubbing it more up, it felt so good but I had to stop it, so I grabbed Justin hand and took it away"Mom, i'm full, i'm going to get dress in my pajamas" I said. "Okay sweetheart, but don't take too long" mom answer. I went up to my room and change into my pajamas. It look like this:

I did my hair in a messy bun. When suddenly I heard my bedroom door open and close. I turn around to see Justin checking me out. "What do you want Justin?" I ask him. "I just wanted to say goodnight to my girl" " I'm not your girl" I said, "Not yet, but soon you will" and with that he went out the door. I just went to my bed thinking of the words that Justin said. Soon I fell asleep thinking of Justin.


A/N: I'M SO SO SO SORRY for not updating in a long time. I been busy with school stuff, I'll try to update every weekend and sorry if the chapter is too short maybe I'll update tonight if I can.

Love you guys!!!    

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