When In Reality

Ashleigh and Liam were lovers from middle school to sophomore year in high school. Long time eh...? Well Ashleigh had to leave. Her mom was going to have yet another kid, and she wanted a bigger house. Will Liam and Ashleigh meet again? If so, is it true love, or just happiness?
(P.S, Surprise Surprise)


3. Wait What?!?!



              LIAM'S P.O.V


      I can't believe its her. I haven't seen her in so long and she just acts like she doesn't know me.

   "Luke come on." She says with her head down.

  "But Mommy. We didn't get our food yet. I'm going to turn yellow and circle if you don't get our food." says the little boy that I'm guessing is her son. When did she have a son. I'm sure he must be a lucky guy. She deserves someone good. Let me re-phrase that someone good deserves her. She is amazing. Amazing personality, body figure, and not to mention, she has the most perfect curve: her smile. When we were in middle school and we had our first kiss together, I could feel her smiling and I knew right then that she was definitely a keeper. I must've been deep in thought because Zayn  was waving his hand in front of my face. I'm glad he did because when I snapped back, the cashier called her name.

     "Mommy I want to stay in the store and play with my toy. It walks." The boy said.

    "No Luke. We have to go home. Don't you want to see auntie and Sammy?" she said annoyed.

    "Mommy sometimes we stay and last time you said next time we will."

   "Ugh fine but only for a little bit." she said giving up. This wasn't like her. Usually she got her way. I could tell that was her son. Getting his way.

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