When In Reality

Ashleigh and Liam were lovers from middle school to sophomore year in high school. Long time eh...? Well Ashleigh had to leave. Her mom was going to have yet another kid, and she wanted a bigger house. Will Liam and Ashleigh meet again? If so, is it true love, or just happiness?
(P.S, Surprise Surprise)


1. Introduction


           ASHLEIGH'S P.O.V


                        Hello! My name is Ashleigh. I have a son named Luke. I named him that because after watching StarWars, I wanted to say, "Luke, I am your mother". Haha. I'm so corny sometimes. Ok lets get down to business. My son is going to turn four on June 17th. I'm so excited even though it's not my party. Like I said, corny.


                 I was on my way home when my phone beeped.

'On my way'-Sammyxx

'uhm I'm not home yet soo...' -Ash<3

'Ok see you at eight?'-Sammyxx

        I know what you're thinking. And  no. Sammy and I are just friends. And besides, he's with my sister. One of my many, many sisters. My mom is that kind of person, just with the same person. I'm on my way to my sister's house when the love of my life appears: Luke.

  "Mommy! I miss you so much. Guess what happened in school today, guess. Ok so Jaymar said a bad word and his mommy had to get called and he said sorry to the teacher and she said it was OK and don't do it again. And-"

   "Woah. Slow down. The question is did you say a bad word?"

   "Did you get called from Mrs. Beatty?"


   "So then I didn't do it."

   "You're a good kid come on let's go see auntie"

        We walk into the house and they're making out. On the couch. In front of my son. Holy chiz. (I don't curse. Unless I'm mad)

      "Excuse me. What exactly are you two doing" I say to my mom and dad.

     " Uhm, when did you get here and why?" says mom

     "About five minutes ago, and I'm here to pick up my son."

     "Slut" my mom says as I'm walking out the door.

  I just ignore her because it will be too much drama



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