When In Reality

Ashleigh and Liam were lovers from middle school to sophomore year in high school. Long time eh...? Well Ashleigh had to leave. Her mom was going to have yet another kid, and she wanted a bigger house. Will Liam and Ashleigh meet again? If so, is it true love, or just happiness?
(P.S, Surprise Surprise)


2. Catching Up


                   My sister and Sammy come over for movie night. We are going out to see Despicable Me2. A kids film. It was kind of funny. Luke is sleep and I have to carry him back to the car. Asia and Sammy go back to their house to do whatever they're going to do before movie night. I don't want to be involved in that. Eew.

      I decide to stop at McDonald's to get something to eat because I didn't want to go home and have to cook. I wake up Luke to ask him what he wants. He said he had to go wee. So much for a quick stop. I take him into the girls room and let him do it by his self because he's 'a big boy'

     Just as we come out I see Liam. And the rest of the boys. Where are the fans when you need them? I try to hide my face and get out as soon as possible but Luke wants to take ten thousand years to order. I turn around and they are right behind me. Talk about awkward moments.

    The clerk asks for my name so she can call me when the food is ready.

   "Ashleigh" I mumble barely enough to hear myself.

  " I'm sorry what?" she says.

  "Ashleigh" I say louder and before I could get my whole name out I can feel Liam's head pop up.

   "Ash, is that you?" Liam asks.

   "Yup" I say slightly popping the P.

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